FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server Ships with Arjuna+JBoss J2EE Product

4/15/2004 - FirstSQL, Inc., a provider of 100% J2EETM Object-relational SQL database systems, announced a partnership with reliable middleware specialists Arjuna Technologies. Under the partnership, FirstSQL/JTM Enterprise Server will be available packaged with the Arjuna+JBoss J2EE Application Server.

The combined server bundle is targeted to provide pre-integrated database and application server infrastructure layers for mission critical J2EE applications. The joint expertise of FirstSQL and Arjuna provides customers with a scalable, enterprise ready platform at a fraction of the cost of competing integrated solutions from IBM and Oracle.

The Arjuna+JBoss product extends the JBoss application server with industry standard XA compliant distributed transactioning and messaging components. With the addition of the FirstSQL/J database, customers get the added benefit of out of box XA support in the database tier.

According to Jonathan Halliday, Solutions Architect at Arjuna Technologies: "Java Database performance and scalability were key factors in our decision to include FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server. We wanted our customers to experience the full capability of Arjuna+JBoss and the database included had to meet and exceed our expectations."

”Arjuna has worked closely with us to enhance use of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server with JBoss and their product. The result validates FirstSQL as a J2EE class database server that fully supports XA/JTA functionality. We are pleased to be associated with Arjuna.” said Lee Fesperman, CEO of FirstSQL, Inc.

About Arjuna+JBoss Application Server
The Arjuna+JBoss product extends the JBoss Application Server by offering a seamless integration of Arjuna’s industry-proven transactioning and messaging technology with the world’s most popular open-source application server. Arjuna+JBoss provides high performance reliable messaging and guarantees data integrity for complex distributed applications, even in the presence of concurrent access and occasional component failures.

About Arjuna Technologies, Ltd.
Arjuna Technologies is a leading independent supplier of standards-based middleware technology for reliable distributed systems. Arjuna offers transactioning and reliable messaging products for J2EE and Web services environments. Arjuna is privately owned and based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

About FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server
Written in 100% Java, FirstSQL/J provides a sophisticated relational database with SQL92 Intermediate level compliance. FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server provides comprehensive support for J2EE application development with advanced features including J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) v1.0 & v1.5, connection pooling, and Java Transaction APIs (JTA) for distributed transaction (XA) capabilities.

Beyond that, FirstSQL/J is the only RDBMS that provides internal native O/R mapping of your unmodified Java classes and methods to provide transparent, serialized object persistence with comprehensive, standard SQL manipulation. Java database objects enhance the power of SQL, allowing their methods to be called in standard SQL from the client and executed on the server.

About FirstSQL, Inc.
FirstSQL, Inc. provides advanced high performance 100% Java Object-relational SQL database technology for J2EE servers, embedded systems, and mobile devices. FirstSQL/J delivers the power of Java objects integrated with a relational database and SQL92. FirstSQL/J is used by world leaders, from Wall Street firms to high-energy research laboratories to wireless infrastructure providers, for a variety state-of-the-art database services and solutions. The company is managed by leading relational database, Java, and In-Memory database technology experts and database industry veterans.

FirstSQL is a registered trademark and FirstSQL/J is a trademark of FirstSQL, Inc. Java and Java-based trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Arjuna is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company under license to Arjuna Technologies Ltd. Arjuna+JBoss, ArjunaMS, and ArjunaTS are trademarks of Arjuna Technologies Ltd.

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