SPIRIT Rolls Out VoIP Conferencing Software Product

4/14/2004 - SPIRIT (www.spiritDSP.com), the biggest eXpressDSP software house in Europe (Texas Instruments processor sales data), introduces its new software product - VoIP Conferencing.

IP telephony is becoming a must as it unites multiple office locations, mobile professionals, partners and suppliers into one strong communicative system. Number of software houses offering IP solutions is steadily growing. Usually users face two challenges while going IP: how to connect PSTN-phones and laptops via IP, and how to ensure reliable connections over narrow band link.

SPIRIT VoIP is a solution for IP conferencing, telephony, call centers, IP phones, etc that easily overcomes both challenges. It reliably connects laptops, PCs, PDAs, incoming calls from mobile and regular phones, etc. into a united communication system providing full-duplex conversation, able to work on all types of communication devices, and enabling optimized multi-conferencing conversation. There is no more need to worry about connectivity - SPIRIT VoIP will connect all telecom devices into a united system.

Extensive telecom-industry expertise allows SPIRIT to provide quality voice communication even in poor channels without delays, squealing, howling, voice clipping, or break-in. Embedded echo and noise cancellers allow all parties speak at the same time, making conversation more natural, and improve speech intelligibility for remote mobile users speaking in noisy environments.

Communication in narrow-band channels can be difficult because of connection problems, channel distortions, data losses, etc. Speaker has to repeat his words several times to be heard. VoIP from SPIRIT ensures high speech quality even in narrow-band connections as low as 1200 bps. Special FEC (Forward Error Correction) technology enables stronger protection for the most sensitive information parameters. Proprietary procedure of corrupted speech frame processing ensures comfortable speech quality even when the channel is badly distorted.

Easily configurable for the specific user's application, SPIRIT conferencing solution enables as many conferences and as many participants per conference as possible with given hardware. The solution also optimizes traffic and channel usage. Only active channels occupy the server. No signal is transferred in case of silence, to avoid wasting server resources.

SPIRIT VoIP is not a black-box in which nothing could be changed - any building block can be seamlessly excluded or changed depending upon the client's needs. This makes SPIRIT solution open for update and renovation.

To provide correct interaction between SPIRIT VoIP software components and other systems, SPIRIT developed a special VoIP Framework. It's intended to unify all the building blocks and offer the user several levels of control. With the Framework, user can precisely control the device, monitor data streams between control layers and drivers, and if needed, port the software to other platforms.

"Deep experience in telecom industry allows SPIRIT to offer not "just one more VoIP-based solution" but rather extensive field-proven software providing high quality, easy integration, and comprehensive support", - says Andrew Sviridenko, founding CEO of SPIRIT.

SPIRIT (www.spiritDSP.com) is a prominent supplier of high-quality DSP software products, including data/fax modem, telephony, VoIP, FoIP, sophisticated speech processing, GPS, audio, and more. SPIRIT's flexible licensing model includes cost efficient product customization to specific clients' needs. SPIRIT communication software works within hardware solutions from clients including Atmel, Furuno, JRC, NEC, Nortel Networks, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Tadiran, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba among 100+ other OEMs. Texas Instruments is shipping SPIRIT's software ROM-ed into TI C54CST processor.

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