Spectrum flexComm Powers Ground Mobile Electronic Warfare System

4/14/2004 - Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: SSPI / TSX: SSY), a leading provider of high performance solutions for wireless signal processing applications, announced that it has received a contract valued at approximately $1.2 million for its flexComm SDR-3000 platform from an international defense contractor. Spectrum will supply six SDR-3000 systems for use in the development and field trial testing of a ground based mobile electronic warfare, or EW, system.

Spectrum’s flexComm SDR-3000 software reconfigurable products will provide advanced signal processing and transceiver functions in a truck mounted EW system. Spectrum is working closely with an international defense contractor, who will be developing and porting its application software to Spectrum’s SDR-3000 platform.

“Electronic warfare applications have become an increasingly attractive market opportunity for our software reconfigurable products, including the SDR-3000,” said Pascal Spothelfer, President and CEO of Spectrum. “Much of our expertise in signals intelligence and military communications is readily applicable to the electronic warfare market. We are pleased to provide critical technology supporting the development and field trial of this advanced ground mobile system and we are excited about the longer term production potential of this program.”

Spectrum’s flexComm SDR-3000 is comprised of a heterogeneous processing platform incorporating field programmable gate arrays from Xilinx®, and PowerPC® processors from Motorola and IBM. RapidIO® provides a high bandwidth interconnect fabric between the processors, as well as the input/output functionality to the processors, to ensure efficient use of the processing resources. Software development tools include Spectrum’s quicCommTM hardware abstraction layer to facilitate algorithm partitioning and programming, and a POSIX-compliant real-time operating system.

About Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
Spectrum Signal Processing designs, develops and markets high performance wireless signal processing products for use in defense and commercial communications infrastructure applications. Spectrum’s optimized hardware, software and chip technology work together to collect, compress and convert voice and data signals. Founded in 1987, Spectrum provides its customers with faster time to market and lower costs via flexible, reliable and high-performance solutions. Spectrum platforms are targeted for use in government intelligence, surveillance and communications systems, satellite hubs and cellular base stations. More information on Spectrum and its flexComm product line is available at www.spectrumsignal.com.

TMflexComm and quicComm are trademarks of Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
® Xilinx is a trademark of Xilinx, Inc.
®PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
TM RapidIO is a trademark of the RapidIO Trade Association.

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