Synchronicity Raises Engineering Productivity with Publisher Suite 2.1

4/14/2004 - The Synchronicity® Publisher SuiteTM, which bundles the IP GearTM Catalog and IP Gear Helpdesk, has been enhanced to make it easier for global electronics companies to find and securely manage semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) across their design chain. The Publisher Suite is the most widely adopted solution for the reuse, distribution and support of electronics designs, and version 2.1 is available now.

Electronics companies are striving to reduce the prohibitive cost of designing custom chips, and massive reuse, of both internal designs and externally licensed IP, is proving to be one of the most effective means. With overseas outsourcing and development partnering also on the rise, companies must put infrastructure and processes in place to connect and manage their multi-company, global design chains. Companies such as Philips and STMicroelectronics have already built design portals with the Publisher Suite that consolidate all their reusable designs and approved 3rd party IP. Much smaller companies value the Publisher Suite for rapidly enabling formal design reuse and for connection to larger development partners. Now version 2.1 makes it easier to find and manage IP across such design chains.

It takes more than just the adoption of technical standards to benefit from design reuse, electronics organizations also need to capture, control, highlight, distribute, support and track IP across the design chain. The IP Gear Catalog now enables users to create and manage collections of these virtual components, making more complete deliverables that include specifications, HDL, layout, models, tests, software and documentation.

Design firms can also move designs more easily between the IP Gear Catalog and other business systems with new XML import/export functions. In addition to Synchronicity's Vault-to-Vault server synchronization technology for rapid IP distribution, the XML import/export capability provides a standard mechanism to distribute data throughout the design chain.

Even at companies with masses of reusable IP, engineers can have a hard time finding what they need if its scattered across the design chain. The Publisher Suite now includes improved menu, browsing and searching options to ease navigation. These enhanced features enable engineers to more rapidly find, evaluate and obtain useful designs, ultimately improving SoC design productivity.

Reusable designs and IP are now among the most valuable assets for many electronics companies and though designs should be readily available to staff and corporate partners, they must be protected from everyone else. The IP Gear Catalog has powerful new features to secure IP access, such as changing access based on the user's responsibility and being able to set access rights on individual components as small as a standard cell. Administrative overhead is reduced since access rights can now be changed simultaneously for groups and all users.

Many global design companies have partners and customers that need access to specific design data and approvals are typically handled through a manual process of email and phone. Publisher Suite now includes a flexible request and grant feature that allows design organizations to establish an efficient, automated approval process for access to critical IP. This functionality also further enhances security without imposing additional overhead.

Product Availability
Publisher Suite 2.1 is available now with solutions that span from workgroups to multi-national organizations for $150,000 to $750,000. It is available on all major hardware platforms and now includes support for Red Hat Linux. Existing Publisher Suite customers with active maintenance contracts can upgrade for free at

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