Renesas Debuts Power Supply ICs with On-Chip Peripheral Functions

4/13/2004 - Renesas Technology Corp. announced the M59400FP as a power supply IC for supplying a 5 V stable voltage to a vehicle body control ECU1 microcontroller. The M59400FP incorporates a multiplexer to supplement microcontroller I/O ports, a relay coil driver, and various microcontroller reset functions on a single chip, and achieves low power consumption through an approximately 90% reduction in current dissipation compared with previous Renesas Technology products. Sample shipments of the M59400FP in a small SSOP package will begin on April 9, 2004 in Japan, and the start of mass production will follow in May.

  1. Peripheral functions including a multiplexer and relay coil driver provided on a single chip
    The M59400FP incorporates a 3-channel multiplexer (with four inputs and one output) to supplement microcontroller I/O ports, and a 2-channel relay coil driver (featuring a 300 mA maximum drive current and low 1 on-resistance value) with a built-in circuit to protect against output overcurrent due to load shorting. Other on-chip peripheral functions comprise a function for detecting an abnormal drop in the supply voltage, as well as various reset functions including a power-on reset timer that operates when the supply voltage rises, and a watchdog timer for microcontroller system self-diagnosis, providing sure prevention of program runaway. The on-chip provision of these various functions necessary for configuring a vehicle body ECU enables systems to be made smaller and cheaper.
  2. Lower system power consumption achieved through an approximately 90% reduction in current dissipation compared with previous Renesas Technology products, and subclock output
    A 5 V regulator has been configured with low-current-dissipation circuitry through the use of a 0.5 m BiC-DMOS2 process. Current dissipation with the entire chip in the active state is a low 160 A, representing an approximately 90% reduction compared with previous Renesas Technology products. A further contribution to low system current dissipation is provided by an on-chip 32 KHz low-speed subclock output circuit used in the microcontroller's sleep mode.
  3. 60 V transient maximum input voltage (1-second duration) specification for protection against load dump surges
    Use of a high breakdown voltage process has improved the transient maximum input voltage specification from the current Renesas Technology figure of 45 V to 60 V (1-second duration). This offers protection of the chip in the event of a load dump surge from the battery.

Product Background
Rapid progress continues to be made in the field of automotive electronics, and optimization control circuits employing microcontrollers are widely used in various automotive systems. These include an increasing number of systems that must continue to function when the engine is not running, such as keyless entry systems, and there is a consequent demand for longer battery life through lower current dissipation.

At the same time, there is a need for greater performance and functionality from microcontroller control systems, bringing a demand for smaller and cheaper system components.

In response to such needs, Renesas Technology has developed the M59400FP low-current-dissipation power supply IC offering a variety of vehicle body control ECU peripheral functions on a single chip.

Additional Product Information
The low-dissipation regulator that supplies a 5 V stable voltage to a microcontroller is a pre-drive type that uses an external output transistor. Selecting an appropriate external transistor allows output current to be adjusted to the optimal level for a particular system.

The package used is a small 0.8 mm pitch, 36-pin SSOP.

Future plans include the development of a version with an on-chip output transistor, and models offering a variety of output voltages.

1. ECU: Electric Control Unit. An electronic control device that performs vehicle engine, AT, ABS, and similar control by means of a microcontroller.
2. BiC-DMOS: A high breakdown voltage process technology that includes DMOS (Double Diffused MOS) transistors with an embedded diffuse epitaxial substrate structure, 5 to 90 V breakdown voltage MOS, and bipolar transistors.

Typical Applications
Automotive applications: Body control ECUs

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