Pentland Unveils VGR112 Rugged, RACE++ Interface Sub-system for Radar

4/12/2004 - Designed for Radar applications, the VGR112 is an ideal solution for applications that require frames of data to be processed and for the data acquisition sub-system to relieve the host of many of the data management functions.

The VGR112 offers 8 high-speed input channels, using eight AD7671 converters for high precision data acquisition that requires 16-bit resolution and simultaneous sampling at rates up to 1Mhz/channel. Each input channel has an on-board programmable anti-aliasing filter and offers an 84dB SINAD performance. The RACE++ interface offers data transfer rates up to 100 Mbytes/s and 60 Mbytes/s via the VME interface.

Built in test is an integral part of the design and is implemented using software programmable frequency synthesizer to generate test tones to be feedback into the analog input channels and verify the analog performance without the need for any external stimulus.

The VGR112 has an Intelligent Sub-system utilising memory mapped mailbox registers and a doorbell register to pass commands and status between the board and the host processor. This design offers a high degree of autonomy and minimum interaction with the host/signal processor over VME.

A number of rugged and extended temperature options from COTs through to conduction cooled (IEEE 1101.2) are offered, to ensure that the VGR112 can be deployed in the toughest of environments.


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