MathWorks Debuts Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox for MATLAB

4/7/2004 - The MathWorks introduced its new Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox for use with MATLAB®. The Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox extends MATLAB by providing new methods to address additional problem types in the area of optimization. Engineers and scientists are constantly looking for approaches to find optimal solutions, perform tradeoff analysis, balance multiple design alternatives, and quickly incorporate optimization methods in their algorithms and models. The Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox helps them achieve these goals by making optimization technology more accessible through graphical user interfaces and structured command line tools.

The easy-to-use graphical interface and comprehensive application programming interface has helped to enhance our implementation process and direct search methods,” said Dennis A. Dean II, senior programmer, biomathematical modeling unit, division of sleep medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. “I can now concentrate my efforts on model building, which is the heart of our group’s work, and assessing what the optimized parameters mean biologically to the problem at hand.”

With the new Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox, The MathWorks continues to expand the range of problems MATLAB can address. The toolbox serves as a central access point for the tools required to use genetic and direct search algorithms. Users can learn from and build customized optimization routines as needed. Additional key features include:

"With MATLAB and its toolboxes, we provide an integrated environment for optimization, including a programming language and framework that help to quickly define model components, a deep set of optimization methods and algorithms, and tools for post-processing and analyzing results,” said Russ Minkwitz, product manager at The MathWorks. “With the Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox, users now have an option to address problems that are difficult to solve with traditional optimization techniques, including problems that are not well defined, noisy, difficult to model mathematically, or discontinuous.”

Pricing and Availability
The Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox requires MATLAB and the Optimization Toolbox and is available immediately for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh systems. Pricing starts at $700 U.S.

About The MathWorks
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