Atomikos TransactionsJTA Ships with FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server

4/7/2004 - FirstSQL, Inc., a provider of 100% J2EETM Object-relational SQL database systems, announced that FirstSQL/JTM Enterprise Server, version 2.70 is now available with Atomikos' TransactionsJTA v1.30. This partnership combines leading transaction management technology with an enterprise-ready, scalable Java RDBMS for demonstration and evaluation purposes.

Atomikos has been developing transaction management software (or 'reliability software' as they sometimes call it) for years and supplies products and services to some of the world's leading EAI/EII vendors. With their products and expertise they can help you ensure that mission-critical information stays both up-to-date and self-consistent. Atomikos' TransactionsJTA is a solution that allows Java applications (J2SE and J2EE) to be made reliable in this area: either you get both an invoice and a shipment or none of these. Nothing in-between since that causes either vendor or customer frustrations.

According to Guy Pardon: "Atomikos' JTA software manages transactions across JDBC (and JMS) connections. For our release 1.30 we were looking for a Java RDBMS to ship with our demo, but most java RDBMS vendors don't implement the necessary XA functionality (which is optional in JDBC). FirstSQL is one of the only ones that offers this enterprise-readiness as part of their product, and also the one we liked best. We are very excited about their product and our collaboration."

”Atomikos has worked closely with us to enhance use of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server with Tomcat and their product. The result validates FirstSQL as a J2EE class database server that fully supports XA/JTA functionality. We are pleased to be associated with Atomikos.” said Lee Fesperman, CEO of FirstSQL, Inc.

About Atomikos TransactionsJTA
TransactionsJTATM Insure your data correctness with this JTA implementation. Available for both J2SE and J2EE (special edition including Tomcat), this product allows you to integrate your applications with one or more databases while guaranteeing correctness even in the case of a crash. Integration can be done cross-platform, cross-vendor, cross-database and cross-message-queue. Problematic transactions can be cancelled across all these systems' borders. Ships with an included full version of the FirstSQLTM Java RDBMS and JDBC drivers, so downloading is all you need to do to get up and running with transactional reliability.

About FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server
Written in 100% Java, FirstSQL/J provides a sophisticated relational database with SQL92 Intermediate level compliance. FirstSQL maintains a performance lead in business intelligence and embedded database systems by providing efficient Disk access mode or In-Memory mode for ultra-high speed direct access.

Beyond that, FirstSQL/J is the only RDBMS that provides internal native O/R mapping of your unmodified Java classes and methods to provide transparent, serialized object persistence with comprehensive, standard SQL manipulation support. Java database objects enhance the power of SQL, allowing their methods to be called in standard SQL from the client and executed on the server.

FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server provides comprehensive support for J2EE application development with advanced features including J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) v1.0 & v1.5, connection pooling, and Java Transaction APIs (JTA) for distributed transaction (XA) capabilities.

About FirstSQL, Inc.
FirstSQL, Inc. provides advanced high performance 100% Java Object-relational SQL database technology for servers, embedded systems, and mobile devices. FirstSQL/J delivers the power of Java objects integrated with a relational database and SQL92. Java, as the basis for the object capabilities, ensures the widest availability of services and flexibility for database application developers. FirstSQL/J is used by world leaders, from Wall Street firms to high-energy research laboratories to wireless infrastructure providers, for a variety state-of-the-art database services and solutions. The company is managed by leading relational database, Java, and In-Memory database technology experts and database industry veterans.

FirstSQL is a registered trademark and FirstSQL/J is a trademark of FirstSQL, Inc. Java and Java-based trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. TransactionsJTATM is a trademark of Atomikos.

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