Magma Characterizes BAE Systems Radiation-hardened ASIC Libraries

4/7/2004 - The Silicon Correlation Division of Magma Design Automation (Nasdaq: LAVA) announced that BAE Systems Information & Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS) has licensed the entire suite of SiliconSmartTM characterization products. The software technology will be used for characterization of BAE Systems’ next-generation radiation-hardened ASIC libraries.

BAE Systems is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defense and aerospace systems. Developing the next generation of intelligent defense systems, BAE Systems designs and manufactures radar, avionics, communications, electronics and guided weapon systems. Deployed in a variety of platforms, the systems are used in the air, on land, at sea and in space.

Given unforgiving environments and a wide variety of applications, each of BAE Systems’ design teams must be confident they can meet the performance and power objectives of their specific products. To ensure they meet or exceed their goals, the designers need libraries quickly and accurately characterized for each designs’ specific voltage, temperature (operating point) and foundry process.

“We develop products for some of the most hostile environments imaginable. Changing a battery or correcting a signal delay problem in space is not an option,” said Dan Kouba, BAE Systems lead engineer for library development. “We must be able to predict how much power is being consumed and how noise will affect signal performance. As we migrate to more advanced technologies, the ability to accurately predict the effects of noise becomes key to achieving successful first-pass silicon."

BAE Systems needed a characterization and modeling solution that could quickly and consistently deliver accurate timing, power and signal integrity models. In addition, they also required a characterization and modeling solution that could handle their custom standard cells, embedded memories and complex I/Os. Following an extensive evaluation of several commercially available solutions, BAE Systems selected the SiliconSmart technology from the Silicon Correlation Division of Magma.

BAE Systems’ design teams performed a very comprehensive evaluation prior to selecting the SiliconSmart design tools. "We take our tool evaluations very seriously, especially in an area as critically important as characterization," said Kouba. "We were pleased with how well the SiliconSmart tools performed during the evaluation."

“Our customers develop products that span a broad range of semiconductor applications,” said Vess Johnson, general manager of the Silicon Correlation Division. “Regardless of the design tools used or the application environment, the key to producing successful silicon is accurate design analysis, driven by high-quality models. We’re pleased SiliconSmart technology is a critical component of BAE Systems’ silicon success.”

About SiliconSmart Technology
SiliconSmart characterization and modeling technology delivers the accurate timing, power and signal integrity models that enable the latest integrated design flows. Benefiting from extensive collaborative relationships with the major EDA platform providers, SiliconSmart technology produces accurate, proven models that design teams can deploy with confidence.

About BAE Systems North America
BAE Systems North America is a high-technology U.S. company employing more than 25,000 people who live and work in some 30 states, the District of Columbia and the United Kingdom. The company is dedicated to solving its customers’ needs with highly innovative and leading-edge solutions across the defense electronics, systems, information technology and services arenas.

BAE Systems Information & Electronic Warfare Systems employs 5,700 people at 10 major facilities in eight states. The business unit is a major producer of aircraft self-protection systems and tactical surveillance and intelligence systems for all branches of the armed forces. Other major business areas include microwave, mission and space electronics; infrared imaging; and automated mission planning systems.

About the Silicon Correlation Division
The Silicon Correlation Division is an independent business unit and division of Magma Design Automation. Formed to enable a position of neutrality in the market place, the division’s mission and business model are based on providing characterization and modeling solutions that support a variety of industry standard design flows. Toward that objective, the Silicon Correlation Division has developed partnerships and close working relationships with many EDA vendors and customers in the development and support of popular design flows. To tailor support for all partners, the Silicon Correlation Division maintains an independent sales, support, engineering, and marketing force operating from headquarters in Austin, Texas. Visit the Silicon Correlation Division on the web at

SiliconSmart is a trademark of the Silicon Correlation division of Magma Design Automation.

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