USB Hubs Shipments to Grow by 8.6% to 4.6 Million Units

4/2/2004 - According to a recent report by Venture Development Corporation: "The U.S. Aftermarket for Computer Accessories - Fifth Edition," the total U.S. unit volume shipments of USB computer cables reached nearly 28 million units in 2003. VDC forecasts this figure to grow to 65.5 million units by 2006, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.5%. Unit volume shipments for USB hubs are forecasted to grow from 3.4 million units in 2003 to over 4.6 million units in 2006, a CAGR of 8.6%.

The USB standard has achieved widespread acceptance in the computer industry, as evidenced by the proliferation of USB peripherals and the need for USB cables and hubs. The ubiquity of USB has helped drive growth in nearly every electronic/electrical accessory market due to its "plug 'n play" capabilities. USB will continue to have wide-reaching effects on the computer accessories aftermarket, including the following:

Group Manager Chris Lanfear states: "At both work and at home, computer users are becoming more sophisticated, demanding accessories and peripherals that suit an ever-increasing array of needs. The popularization of fast external connections to the computer such as USB2.0 have led to a surge in demand for 'plug 'n play' technology solutions to accommodate employee and consumer needs, driving related accessory sales."

About VDC
Founded in 1971, VDC is a technology market research and consulting firm that specializes in industrial and commercial electronics, computing, communications, software and power systems markets.

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