General Software Adds AMD Geode GX2 Support to BIOS 2000 and Firmbase

4/2/2004 - General Software, Inc., the leading supplier of embedded firmware, has announced its Embedded BIOS® 2000 and Firmbase® support for the AMD GEODE line of chipsets, providing, the best firmware for GEODE developers. This combination of hardware and firmware provides a flexible development platform that delivers exceptional user value and the power to drive robust graphics applications.

Advanced Micro Devices’ Geode family of processors, featuring a wide range of silicon and system solutions, enables x86 embedded OEMs to address the needs of the rapidly growing information appliance market.

"AMD is pleased that General Software has made Embedded BIOS and Firmbase technology available for the AMD Geode GX2 processor," said Erik Salo, AMD's director of marketing for the Personal Connectivity Solutions Group. "The additional flexibility and features that General Software provides, coupled with the high-performance and low-power consumption of the Geode GX2 processor, will enable our customers to quickly develop and deploy a new generation of connected and mobile devices."

"From the introduction of its first system-on-a-chip embedded processor in the mid 1990s, AMD and General Software have been working together meeting the needs of embedded customers worldwide. AMD selected General Software’s Embedded BIOS® and Firmbase®, enabling embedded ODM and OEM customers to leverage the most from the silicon in their design," said Steve Jones, CTO and Co Founder, General Software." We are pleased that AMD continues to address market needs with the introduction of the Performance-Power Rating, highlighting the importance of low-power in the overall product equation. AMD and General Software will continue to work together to provide solutions that fully utilize the capabilities of the AMD Geode GX 533@2W processor reference design, underscoring the commitment of both companies to the embedded market."

Embedded BIOS® 2000 is the leading firmware for embedded x86 designs, with over 700 OEM-customizable configuration parameters, support for embedded operating systems, and support for major OS and hardware initiatives.

General Software’s years of experience and focus on the embedded market space, in addition to our outstanding service and technical support make Embedded BIOS 2000 the best firmware for Geode and embedded developers.

Until now, Geode based systems relied solely on AMD’s proprietary 16-bit SMM handler, VSAII. General Software now introduces Firmbase® technology for all Geode based platforms. Firmbase replaces VSAII with its full 32-bit capabilities including:

In addition, Firmbase empowers OEMs with its firmware level high-availability framework. Its TCP/IP stack enables remote recovery and serviceability even without the foreground operating system. OEMs can easily expand its extensive framework by developing their own 32-bit firmware applications to satisfy their specific requirements.

The Embedded BIOS 2000 Adaptation Kit includes full source code and a comprehensive manual set. In addition customers can get a jump start on the adaptation process by starting with customized board, CPU, and chipset support modules, which provide the essential firmware that drives these logic blocks within the OEM’s embedded framework. These modules contain routines called by the core BIOS that can be customized to handle special requirements.

Embedded BIOS and Geode Family Support Modules
Embedded BIOS supports the following Geode Family products:

Geode Processors

Geode IA-On-A-Chip

Reference Platforms

Development Platforms

Embedded BIOS also supports AMD’s

About the Embedded BIOS® 2000
Embedded BIOS addresses the entire lifecycle of embedded products, from board bring-up, configuration prototyping, testing with system diagnostics, and product manufacturing to in-field diagnostics and software reload. Features include an integrated debugger; console redirection; highly configurable POST; manufacturing mode; ROM, RAM, and Flash file systems; support for a host of industry initiatives; and much more. Embedded BIOS supports industry-standard operating systems that run on PC-compatible hardware, including the full spectrum of Windows, Linux, and real-time operating systems.

About Firmbase® Technology
Embedded BIOS 2000 serves as the hardware abstraction layer for Firmbase, General Software’s high-availability operating environment. Firmbase uses patented technology to run 32-bit firmware applications concurrently with the foreground operating system. It provides a multi-threaded API to 32-bit applications running transparently to the other software in the system, including the BIOS and operating system. These programs -- called Firmware Applications -- are developed using standard, 32-bit Windows Portable Executable (PE) development tools.

About General Software
General Software provides superior enabling firmware and world-class support for OEM manufacturers of telecommunications, data communications, consumer electronics, dedicated servers, and other specialized computing devices. General Software’s well-architected and reliable firmware products reduce risk, speed development, and address embedded OEM product lifecycle needs. For more information about General Software and its embedded firmware, visit, e-mail, or contact David Tobar at 800-850-5755 or 425-576-8300.

About AMD
AMD (NYSE:AMD) designs and produces microprocessors, Flash memory devices and system-on-chip solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to helping its customers deliver standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology users, ranging from enterprises to government agencies and individual consumers. Founded in 1969, AMD is a Standard & Poor's 500 company with global operations and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia.

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