TI Targets China and Asia by Expanding DSL Offerings

4/1/2004 - Asia remains the largest growth area for DSL subscribers worldwide, and a gateway for the global DSL market due to the high percentage of routers and modems that are manufactured in Asia. Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) continues to be a major supplier to the China and Asian DSL market for central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE) products. For several years TI has steadily increased its worldwide market share in the DSLAM market. In order to create additional value for operators who have deployed AC5, TI has developed an extended reach software technology which enables operators to service additional ADSL customers using longer loops. TI is also rapidly gaining momentum and market share in the China DSL CPE space, mostly through strong adoption of TI's AR7 single-chip router by Asian manufacturers.

TI AR7 also enables OEMs to quickly offer products that completely pass the new WT-085 performance requirements which will become mandatory for operator deployments. TI offers a full suite of ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2Plus and READSL CPE and CO solutions for manufacturers to meet the growing technology needs of the Asian DSL market.

In the past three years, TI has achieved over 60 percent market share in ADSL CO equipment in China. TI's AC5 CO chipset is the most widely deployed CO chipset in China. To protect operator investment, TI's extended reach technology delivers an average of 10-15 percent better performance against all deployed CPEs. When connected to TI AR7-based routers, operators can achieve even better results through the AR7's dynamic adaptive equalization (DAE) technology. DAE enables carriers to extend their service area and more completely cover that area enabling DSL service to lines that have not been accessible before.

Growing CPE Market Share in Asia
Manufacturers in Asia have been quick to adopt TI´s AR7 ADSL router-on-a-chip to provide cost effective, high performance DSL products to the worldwide CPE market. TI now offers a complete family of AR7-based solutions including integrated designs for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and 802.11b/g home networking. TI´s ADSL2/2Plus support for increased bandwidth and service area is providing operators with more subscribers and more services to grow their revenue.

"China and Asia have quickly become the heart of the DSL market. It is where the majority of DSL modems are manufactured, and more recently, where the largest DSL potential for subscriber growth is located," said Marc Van Wonterghem, director of marketing, Asia-Pacific for TI's DSL Business Unit. "TI has led the China DSL CO market for several years. We are gaining CPE market share in China, as well throughout the whole Asian region, due to the rapid adoption of the AR7. We have the right ingredients to increase our market share end-to-end, with the combination of the DAE advantage of AR7, the reach enhancement for AC5, and our full interoperability capabilities."

TI has supported the China and Asian DSL markets for over five years with designs at all major OEMs and ODMs. The AR7 has increased TI's footprint. Today TI supports most of the leading CPE manufacturers in Asia including Addvalue Technologies Limited, Ambit Microsystems Corporation, AMIT, Arcadyan Technology Corporation, Askey Computer Corp., ASUSTeK, Aztech Systems Ltd., CastleNet Technology, Inc., Creative Technology China, CyberTAN Technology, Inc. , Shanghai Dare Technologies Co., Ltd., DWnet Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd., Sailcom, Start Network Technology Co. Ltd., T&W Electronics Co., Well Communication Corp., and XAVi Technologies.

About Texas Instruments DSL
Texas Instruments provides customers low-power, high-density DSL infrastructure solutions and the building blocks for a variety of DSL CPE including bridges, routers, voice-enabled and 802.11-enabled solutions for local loop deployments. Leveraging the company´s history of innovation in DSL technology development, interoperability testing, customer support and manufacturing capabilities, TI enables customers to meet the requirements of operators worldwide. TI´s DSL business is part of TI´s comprehensive portfolio of broadband solutions including cable modems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateways, carrier infrastructure, and 802.11 wireless networking. (See www.ti.com/dsl.)

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