Leopard Logic Certifies Avnet Design Centers for Gladiator CLD

4/1/2004 - Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet Inc. (NYSE: AVT), and Leopard Logic, Inc. announced the certification of Avnet Design Centers to support GladiatorTM CLDTM, the family of configurable logic devices recently introduced by Leopard Logic. In addition to distributing Gladiator devices in North America Avnet Cilicon, the semiconductor distribution specialist division of Avnet Electronics Marketing, now also offers a full range of design services to get Gladiator customers to market faster. Covering the spectrum from consumer products to high-end telecommunications, Avnet Design Centers offer Gladiator customers a full array of engineering assistance ready to meet any application.

Avnet Design Centers assist customers in specifying, developing and designing with complex ASIC and FPGA devices. An engineering staff with years of experience in IP core integration, design optimization, timing closure and verification is ready to execute designs of any complexity. As a certified Leopard Logic design center, the staff has undergone comprehensive training, has complete technology access to Gladiator CLD ToolBloxTM design tools, and is fully qualified to provide first-hand support on the tools, devices and implementation. Avnet Design Centers are located in San Jose, CA; Chicago, IL; Rochester, NY; and Peabody, MA.

"Gladiator CLD is the right solution for many of our medium volume customers in application areas where FPGAs donít fit because of performance, power or cost limitations. With the easy-to-use ToolBlox design flow we are ready to support customers with even the most challenging designs,Ē said Rafael Cruz, Vice President of Design Services at Avnet Cilicon.

ďThe combination of Avnetís applications engineering team and Avnet Design Centers offers our customers best-in-class support to get even the most challenging designs done quickly and effectively. We are impressed with the capabilities Avnet Cilicon has built over the years and look forward to working with their team to ensure customer success and satisfaction,Ē said Stefan Tamme, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Leopard Logic.

About Gladiator CLD
Leopard Logicís patented technology features the industryís first fully hierarchical, point-to-point interconnect, which is at the root of Gladiatorís superior speed, utilization, predictability and reliability. The SRAM based HyperBloxTM FP (field-programmable) fabric can be reprogrammed by the user anytime. The HyperBlox MP (mask-programmable) fabric uses the identical logic core cell architecture, but replaces the SRAM configuration with a single-layer mask configuration to achieve significantly higher density, increased performance and lower power consumption. The HyperBlox FP and MP fabrics are combined with optimized memories, multiply-accumulate (MAC) units and flexible high-speed I/Os. Leopard Logicís unified design environment allows rapid timing closure at the designerís desktop without tedious design iterations or exposure to deep sub-micron (DSM) issues.

The first member of the Gladiator CLD device family is the CLD6400, which provides 6.4M system gates, 2.3Mb of on-chip memory and 680 I/Os. Operating at a system speed of 500MHz, the CLD6400 offers a 32 GMAC/second DSP capability, has 16 on-chip PLLs and DLLs to drive global clocks and implement high-speed interfaces, and a maximum power consumption of 5 Watts. The CLD6400 is manufactured in TSMCís 0.13 CMOS process on 300mm wafers to deliver high performance and reliability combined with low cost.

About Avnet Cilicon
Avnet Cilicon is the semiconductor distribution specialist division of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, an operating group of Avnet Inc. Avnet Cilicon combines semiconductor expertise, technical excellence and deep market knowledge to enhance time to revenue for all supply-chain partners in the electronics arena. Avnet Cilicon's core competencies include materials management, technical support through Avnet Design Services, logistics support through Avnet Supply Chain Services, and customer-centric, dedicated sales channels. Avnet Cilicon combined with Avnet IP&E, which is Avnet's interconnect, passive and electromechanical component and services division, delivers Support Across the BoardTM. To learn more about Avnet Cilicon's capabilities, please visit www.em.avnet.com/semi or call 800-408-8353.

About Leopard Logic, Inc.
Leopard Logic is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Cupertino, California. Leopard Logic provides Gladiator CLD, a family of configurable logic devices that combine ASIC and FPGA technologies in a single device. This innovative combination increases performance, reduces power consumption and board space, and minimizes costs when compared to discrete FPGA and ASIC implementations. The devices can be used across a wide range of markets and applications that require flexible logic solutions, such as networking, storage and wireless. For more information visit our website at www.leopardlogic.com.

Leopard Logic, the Leopard Logic logo, Gladiator, CLD, HyperBlox, HyperRoute, HyperVia and ToolBlox are trademarks of Leopard Logic, Inc.

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