Atmel Debuts AVR Microcontroller for CAN Networking Applications

4/1/2004 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the introduction of the AT90CAN128, an 8-bit AVR® Flash microcontroller with extended CAN (Controller Area Network) capabilities. This new device combines 16 MIPS processing speed with a rich feature set and is perfectly suited for many CAN networking and industrial applications, including factory and building automation, medical equipment, marine networking and print media.

The AT90CAN128 integrates in a single chip the features of the existing mega128 and the already proven V2.0A/V2.0B CAN controller used in the Atmel CANary microcontroller family. The CAN controller can handle 15 independent message objects, programmable on-the-fly. With a 16 MIPS AVR RISC-engine, 128-Kbyte Flash program memory, 4-Kbyte RAM and 4-Kbyte on-chip EEPROM, AT90CAN128 can tackle the most demanding industrial control applications.

A large portion of the AT90CAN128 processing speed and memory remains available for the application while a full higher layer protocol stack (CANopen, DeviceNetTM or J1939) runs on the chip. An interrupt accelerator engine informs the CPU of critical messages without running a software scan routine, minimizing the overhead impact on real time event applications.

A highly flexible In-Application Programming capability, via CAN, UART or SPI, allows remote programming and field upgrades. Atmel offers a library of In-Application Programming routines to customers wanting to build their own bootloaders, reducing overall development time and thus time-to-market.

AT90CAN128 peripherals include 16-bit timers with enhanced Pulse Width Modulation capabilities, a powerful 10-bit/8-channel A/D converter and several serial interfaces. A wide operating voltage range (2.7V-5.5V) plus five low-power management modes optimize the application power consumption.

"Handling a large number of message objects programmable on-the-fly with 16 MIPS is a real benefit for many applications", said Michel Passemard, Director for the Industrial Control Business Development at Atmel. "This first AVR with CAN controller offers unrivalled feature set to designers and confirms our commitment to the CAN networking market" He added.

AT90CAN128 is pin-to-pin compatible with the mega128. It is available in TQFP64 and QFN64 packages and in industrial temperature. Samples are available now. Production volumes are expected in June 2004. Pricing for 10,000-unit quantity per year is $7.50.

To aid development, Atmel supplies a CAN physical interface module kit, the ATADAPCAN01 at a cost of $19, this combined with the STK501 and the STK500 provides a full development environment to the user. With the kit, Atmel also provides a C-code drivers library for all peripherals including the CAN-driver and various program examples.

About Atmel
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