Adtron Rolls Out 3.5 I35MB RAID 1 System Hard Disk Drive

3/31/2004 - AdtronTM Corporation announces its first hard disk RAID 1 system in a 3.5-inch form factor. The I35MB RaidpakTM is a totally self-contained storage device that integrates industry-standard RAID technology independently of the host processor. Full RAID mirroring technology is included onboard to control RAID functions between two 2.5-inch hard disk drives and is seen by the host as one logical unit without any system modifications. The I35MB incorporates Adtron's patented media controller technology, pushing the media to perform at its fastest level without sacrificing reliability.

"The I35MB simplifies the integration of RAID technology into industrial and other embedded platforms that require non-stop operations," stated Alan Fitzgerald, Adtron's Chief Technology Officer. "There are no requirements for external RAID controllers, the I35MB plugs into an industry-standard ATA-6 interface, and to the host computer it appears as a single disk drive. The I35MB provides higher reliability than a single disk drive at a more attractive price point than external RAID subsystems."

Providing non-stop operations, the I35MB eliminates the need for expensive external disk arrays; separate cabinetry and power supply; and external cabling. Capacities range up to 80GBytes and can be customized for logical capacity destroking and geometry to meet system requirements. Incorporating the latest IDE technology, the I35MB supports in UDMA, MultiWord DMA, and PIO transfer modes, with full error detection and redundant disk management independent of host operations. Customization is available to include visual and audible mirroring error indicators that alert the operator to potential problems. In the event of a mirroring error, the equipment and application continue to operate on one of the two disk drives in the I35MB until it is convenient to replace the entire storage unit.

List pricing for an 80GByte I35MB IDE Raidpak is $1,325.00. For more information, contact Adtron Sales at (602) 735-0300 or by e-mail at Lead-time is stock to eight weeks ARO.

About Adtron
Adtron designs and manufactures electronic data storage solutions for demanding applications. Adtron tailors its systems to OEM requirements for optimum reliability, durability and extended product life cycle during field deployment. Design flexibility solves problems associated with integrating traditional disk and tape drives into commercial, industrial and defense computer systems. Adtron's Flashpak products are a solid-state drop-in replacement for hard disk and tape drives, providing extreme durability and reliability in harsh environments. Adtron's Raidpak products leverage RAID technologies to provide non-stop operations. Our commitment to extended device and interface support mitigates life cycle management issues and cost by reducing or, in some cases, eliminating requalification, last time buys and inventory management costs. Adtron's Quality System is certified to conform to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards. You can find more information about Adtron at

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