Adtron Offers cPCI IDE Bladepak with SCSI-3 and USB2.0 Connectivity

3/31/2004 - AdtronTM announced the addition of SCSI-3 (Model SC6IRTB) and USB2.0 (Model UC6IRTB) rear transition boards for its IC6 BladepakTM family, extending the interface beyond native IDE connectivity. A third RTB (Model IC6RTB) provides standard IDE access. The IC6 family includes the IC6MB with RAID 1 mirroring, the IC6C with fixed/removable (CD/DVD) capability, and the IC6HB high capacity hard disk drive offerings.

Adtron’s rear transition boards extend access to various operating systems and processor platforms. Sun Microsystems SolarisTM (NASDAQ:SUNW) operating system compatible processor blades can access the DVD-ROM/R/RW storage on the IC6C through the SC6IRTB. IBM® PowerPC® (NYSE:IBM) microprocessor-based blades with native USB2.0 provides access to any IC6 family member through the UC6IRTB. All IC6 Bladepaks can be configured with the IDE-based RTB, Model IC6RTB, for rear panel IDE controller access.

“With the addition of SCSI-3 and USB2.0, Adtron’s IDE storage blade family provides total storage flexibility for PICMG® CompactPCI® or 2.16 platforms,” stated Alan Fitzgerald, Adtron’s Chief Technology Officer. “The ability to expand connectivity is elegant in its simplicity by providing SCSI-to-IDE or USB-to-IDE conversion on the RTB while using cost effective, high volume, and highly reliable IDE devices on the IC6 storage blade. System integrators with IDE experience can offer their customers a common storage blade with multiple host connections to meet specific application requirements.”

Processor blades based on embedded Microsoft® Windows® (NASDAQ:MSFT) operating systems ship with both IDE and USB onboard. Platforms based on Linux kernels 2.4.18 and greater support USB2.0 and IDE interfaces. Adtron’s RTBs give system integrators and designers a choice of the IDE or USB interface that best fits the particular application. While IDE has been an industry standard, USB has cabling and hot swapping advantages that make USB interfaces attractive in high-availability telecom applications such as that found with PICMG 2.16 platforms. The Sun Microsystems Solaris operating environment, well known for its robustness and frequently the foundation in high availability applications, can use the SCSI interface to access market-dominated IDE devices that are not native to nor supported in this operating system.

Model list prices are as follows: SC6IRTB - $350.00, UC6IRTB - $275.00, and IC6RTB - $175.00. For more information, contact Adtron Sales at (602) 735-0300 or by e-mail at Lead-time is stock to eight weeks ARO.

About Adtron
Adtron designs and manufactures electronic data storage solutions for demanding applications. Adtron tailors its systems to OEM requirements for optimum reliability, durability and extended product life cycle during field deployment. Design flexibility solves problems associated with integrating traditional disk and tape drives into commercial, industrial and defense computer systems. Adtron's Flashpak products are a solid-state drop-in replacement for hard disk and tape drives, providing extreme durability and reliability in harsh environments. Adtron's Raidpak products leverage RAID technologies to provide non-stop operations. Our commitment to extended device and interface support mitigates life cycle management issues and cost by reducing or, in some cases, eliminating requalification, last time buys and inventory management costs. Adtron's Quality System is certified to conform to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards. You can find more information about Adtron at

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