Legerity Rolls Out VoiceEdge 880 Series for Packet Voice Network

3/30/2004 - Legerity, Inc., a provider of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for voice and data networks, announced at VON 2004 the details of the VE880 Series, its newest VoiceEdgeTM Architecture product family for network edge equipment at the customer premise. The VE880 VoicePortTM Series, is the world’s first one channel, two channel and one-and-a-half channel telephone line interface solution to implement all BORSCHT voice functionality, from the high voltage subscriber line interface to the microprocessor digital interface.

The new VE880 VoicePort Series reduces system level cost, space and power consumption by achieving the highest levels of integration possible. Legerity’s VoicePort single device solution simplifies the customer’s design process by minimizing component count and providing the smallest footprint available to the industry, which dramatically lowers system BOM costs and enables the most compact designs possible. Additionally, VoicePort offers footprint compatible solutions, which enable customers to complete a single, worldwide design and populate components based on market requirements, as well as simplify inventory management.

“The VE880 VoicePort is a quantum leap above the competition, offering high feature flexibility and low power consumption in the world’s most highly integrated line interface product family with the smallest physical footprint,” said Rick Beale, senior director of marketing. “The VE880 Series simply makes adding voice to broadband access equipment cheaper and easier. This series, in combination with the rest of our VoiceEdge Architecture, will catapult VoIP deployment growth globally.”

Designers benefit by having a simple, cost effective, low power and dense design without sacrificing features or functionality. The programmable feature rich VoicePort devices provide a functional line interface for short and medium loop applications. Key features include: high voltage switching regulator, self-test, line test capabilities, integrated ringing (up to 140-Vpk), worldwide software programmability, wide band mode, flexible signal generator with tone cadencing and integrated unbalanced ringing. The VoicePort device features are crucial for designing cost-effective, full-feature voice solutions.

The VE880 Series is focused on CPE applications, including analog terminal adapters and voice-enabled DSL and cable modems. It is designed to compliment the VE790 Series, the other half of the VoiceEdge Architecture focused on carrier applications. The VE880 series is targeted at $2.50 per channel in high volume.

About Legerity, Inc.
Legerity is a fabless analog/mixed-signal semiconductor company providing integrated circuits for high-voltage interface, signal conditioning, signal processing, and power management applications to more than 400 of the world’s premier communications and consumer electronics manufacturers. Using innovative, proprietary analog and embedded digital signal processing technologies, Legerity combines its 20 years of experience, bipolar and CMOS process expertise, analog and digital circuit design capabilities, and more than 600 patents to meet the design challenges of connecting the world of analog signals with the digital domain. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Legerity has offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Visit Legerity on the Web at www.legerity.com.

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