TI Rolls Out OMAP5912 Processor for Portable Data Terminal Market

3/30/2004 - Delivering critical technology to the portable data terminals (PDT) market, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced the availability of the OMAP5912 processor, a heterogeneous digital signal processor (DSP) plus ARM device. This processor is optimized for portable data terminal (PDT) applications requiring high-performance signal processing capabilities as well as high-level application support via multiple operating systems.

The PDT market represents a breadth of mobile and connected devices enabling optimized business efficiencies and enhanced employee productivity. These devices utilize extensive signal processing capabilities and require a robust user interface built on a high-level operating system (OS). Products within this space include devices for industrial, portable medical, point-of-sale (POS), asset inventory and enterprise applications.

TI's OMAP59xx processors are uniquely positioned to meet customers' growing demand for real-time, high-level applications and security connectivity needs in the PDT market. This is accomplished by providing real-time capabilities, high-performance data processing and transfer acceleration of multimedia or analysis results, plus offering the industry's only embedded hardware encryption engine delivering required security features, all at the lowest power possible.

OMAP5912 Delivers Rich PDT Peripherals and Key OS Support
The new OMAP5912 combines signal and application processing in a single device by seamlessly integrating an ARM9 processor with a real-time, power-efficient TI TMS320C55xTM DSP including PDT-focused peripherals such as USB on the go and a dual camera interface. Developers can optimally partition tasks between the ARM9 and DSP for increased performance, while building on the vast software offerings of the OMAPTM platform, reducing design complexity and time-to-market, as well as increasing developer productivity and enabling more cost-effective design. The new OMAP5912 chips complement the widely adopted family of stand-alone TI OMAPTM applications processors and highly integrated chips combining application and digital baseband processors optimized for handsets and PDAs.

The OMAP5912 includes a feature-rich peripheral set optimized for the PDT market, including the following:

With support for a variety of high-level operating systems, including Microsoft Windows CETM, Linux, Integrity, QNX, Nucleus, VxWorks and TI's own DSP/BIOS, the OMAP5912 can run multiple application threads and efficiently manage interprocessor communications, providing the comprehensive platform that PDT developers need to create cost-competitive devices for their end customers. TI's OMAP Technology Centers (OTCs) will be delivering development support through hardware, software and system integration expertise.

TI plans to offer technology based on the OMAP59xx processors to meet specifications required by key segments of the PDT market. Announcements by TI and our partners in the coming months will disclose details of system-level offerings in the portable medical, asset and inventory management and POS spaces, as well as new OMAP development tools from TI.

Pricing and Availability
Samples of the OMAP5912 processor are available now with production volume slated for 2Q04. Packaged in a ZZG (12 mm x 12 mm pitch, 0.5 mm pitch) or ZDY (19 mm x 19 mm pitch, 1.0 mm pitch) package, the device is $33.47 in 10k units. A literature kit for the OMAP5912 containing a data sheet and technical documentation is available at www.ti.com/omap5912p

More information about OMAP59xx ARM+DSP processors, as well as the OMAP development platform, can be obtained at www.omap.com

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