Xilinx Chips Power Sensio's 3D Wireless Home Theater System

3/30/2004 - At electronicaUSA (eUSA) with the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), Xilinx, Inc., (NASDAQ: XLNX), announced a collaboration that resulted in a breakthrough 3D video processing technology. The SENSIO 3D system is a prior winner of the CES Product Innovation Award and a finalist in this year's electronicaUSA Best of Show competition. Sensio credits Xilinx and its programmable chip technology with enabling the creative design and economic viability of its SENSIO 3D Video Processing system. The SENSIO system transforms conventional home theater into a 3D stereoscopic movie experience that rivals the best theme park experiences, using Xilinx low cost Spartan programmable chips as its central processing capability. The SENSIO 3D Video Processing system will be on display in Xilinx booth #1326 March 30 – April 1, 2004.

The SENSIO system, consisting of a 17x 6.25-inch rack-style component compatible with commercial DVD and digital TV systems -- and the accompanying LCD-based wireless viewing glasses, is based on the processor’s ability to alternatively display left and right stereo images and synchronously communicate to the shutters in the viewing glasses. The left-eye image and the right-eye image alternate every sixtieth of a second, creating the 3D effect for the viewer. Because objects can appear to be behind and in front of the screen, or shoot right through the audience, the screen itself virtually disappears, bringing the viewer directly into the heart of the action.

Programmable Approach from the Start
Product developers at Sensio, a start-up based in Montreal, Quebec, were familiar with Xilinx technology from previous university research. Sensio considered the trade-offs between FPGA and ASIC implementations and ultimately decided that Xilinx programmable chips provided the superior price/performance and quality advantages, plus the added benefit of enhanced flexibility.

“By combining low cost, high performance, and a drastically reduced time-to-market advantage, Xilinx programmable chips provided the ideal platform for our 3D video processing system,” said Pierre-Hugues Routhier, vice president of engineering at Sensio.

About Xilinx Low Cost FPGAs
Sensio is among a growing number of consumer product manufacturers to realize the competitive advantage afforded by Xilinx’s low-cost programmable chips, versus traditional ASIC technology. Xilinx attributes its recent record-breaking gain to its focused market diversification efforts and the broad adoption of its low cost Spartan Series FPGAs in high-volume consumer applications.

Xilinx first shipped the Spartan-3 family in March 2003 as the world's first and only FPGA utilizing 90nm process technology. The Spartan-3 platform is the world's lowest cost FPGA with unrivaled price points, starting at under $2.95*. Already, the Spartan Series is the world's most successful low-cost FPGA family in its class with over 11,000 customers worldwide.

About Sensio
Founded in 1999, Sensio is a privately-owned company that develops and markets avant-garde technologies that offer the most advanced and immersive movie theatre experience to home viewers. This first product derived from Sensio’s research and development effort is SENSIOTM 3D, a revolutionary video processor transforming the conventional home theatre into a 3D stereoscopic movie experience. Sensio’s head office is in Montreal. Additional information about Sensio can be found at www.sensio.tv.

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) is the worldwide leader of programmable logic solutions. Additional information about Xilinx is available at www.xilinx.com.

*250K units, end of 2004

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