Accelerated Technology Gains UML Tools by Acquiring Project Technology

3/30/2004 - Accelerated Technology®, the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT), announced that Mentor Graphics has acquired Project Technology, a leading provider of executable and translatable Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools. The acquisition of Project Technology's tools places Accelerated Technology in the unique position of being the only embedded software provider with a complete design flow of products ranging from a high-level design tool to a full-embedded software development suite and real-time operating system (RTOS).

"We believe that the combination of the high-level executable and translatable modeling solution and the Nucleus® RTOS and development tools will change the way embedded developers design and build their products," said Neil Henderson, general manager of Accelerated Technology. "The productivity gains and reusability of designs will make this the de facto design paradigm of the future."

As the complexity of embedded systems applications increases and time to market decreases, a higher level of abstraction beyond current programming languages is required for embedded designers to produce their product on time and to specification. The acquisition of Project Technology adds the Nucleus BridgePoint® Development Suite, a sophisticated graphical design tool for embedded systems, to the already extensive RTOS offering from Accelerated Technology. The unique architecture of the Nucleus Bridgepoint product allows developers to build complete embedded systems directly from a high-level design.

"The move from C and C++ designs to a model driven architecture is starting to show order-of-magnitude productivity gains," said Stephen Mellor, founder of Project Technology and now chief scientist of Accelerated Technology. "It is the next evolutionary step for embedded designers and is seen as analogous to the shift from assembler to C."

The Nucleus BridgePoint product supports a four-phase process for building and verifying a complete embedded system using high-level design methods. A developer starts by building models of the system in the model construction phase. During the execution phase, the developer directly verifies the model's behavior with a client or expert. This is analogous to building and running code, but at a much higher level of abstraction.

After the behavior of the model has been verified, the design enters the model compilation phase during which it is automatically translated into C or C++ and any legacy code is combined with the resulting generated code. Finally, the model debugging phase allows for debugging of the "compiled" model while viewing the system from the model level. These last two steps are like compiling and debugging an embedded system, but one layer of abstraction higher.

The completion of these phases results in a comprehensive embedded system in C or C++. A final compile and build using Accelerated Technology's embedded development tools is all that is required to produce the target-specific executable image.

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