SenSyTech Selects Green Hills' INTEGRITY RTOS for Weapons Training System

3/30/2004 - Green Hills Software, Inc., the market leader in embedded software development tools and royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), announced that its INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) have been selected by the Active Systems Division (ASD) of SenSyTech, Inc.

ASD chose the INTEGRITY RTOS for an overseas program that supplies wing-attached electronic payloads to simulate hostile radar signals. The signals provided by the pod/payload will be used to train weapon systems operators in recognizing and identifying hostile signals.

Larry Lang, a senior software and hardware engineer for SenSyTech, Inc. explained, “We had to isolate new software functionality from that of our legacy code at the RTOS level. The INTEGRITY RTOS allowed us to develop a software architecture that gave us the desired protection for new development components and, at the same time, provided safe mechanisms for communicating with legacy components.”

The INTEGRITY RTOS, combined with a ruggedized PowerPC board and custom circuit boards, controls the real-time computer control set (CCS) built into each pod. The CCS generates the radio-frequency (RF) output signature that simulates hostile radars. During flight operation, the CCS will receive commands from an operator in the cockpit and respond with status via the aircraft MIL-STD-1553B bus.

The function of a podded payload system is to transmit the radar signatures of hostile aircraft or missiles. Military personnel on land or on a ship at sea will be trained to detect and identify those signatures as part of a defense tactic.

The software application is written in ‘C’ utilizing Green Hills Software’s MULTI IDE. Having selected the INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI IDE for the podded system, ASD expects both products to play a significant role in future projects. “When we made the selection, we realized that the qualities we liked about them would be useful in some of our other embedded applications,” said Lang.

The pod payloads, with integrated CCS, are scheduled for various environmental, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and flight testing later this year. Once testing has concluded, production pods will be fabricated and are expected to be deployed by the end of 2004.

About SenSyTech’s Active Systems Division (ASD)
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