Aonix Unveils Plans for Hard Real-Time, Mission-critical Java Products

3/30/2004 - Aonix®, an independent global company delivering complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, made public its plans for delivering safety- and mission-critical Java technologies to its mainstream markets.

JRavenTM, the safety-critical Java product, builds on the strong foundation of the Aonix SmartKernel, a memory and time-partitioned kernel designed to provide safety and security protection, already proven through a number of commercial deployments. Aonix has provided commercial support for safety-critical development since 1989, making it the first company to meet the FAA’s stringent DO-178B certification guidelines for commercial off-the-shelf development tools and components. Aonix’ technologies have been successfully certified and deployed in the Boeing 777, Lockheed C130J, and AIRBUS A330-A340, as well as many other avionics, rail transport, nuclear and traditional electric power generation, and space exploration projects. The JRaven product allows developers of safety-critical software to -- for the first time -- use the highly popular Java programming language.

JRTKTM, the hard real-time mission-critical Java offering, provides a superset of JRaven’s capabilities. Designed to provide hard real-time developers with capabilities not available under the restrictive mandates of the DO-178B guidelines, JRTK offers increased generality and flexibility in the software and greater ease of use. Hard real-time JRTK components can be efficiently integrated into the industry-leading PERC mission-critical soft-real-time virtual machine.

“These products fill an important void in the real-time Java space,” explained Kelvin Nilsen, Chief Technology Officer of Aonix, and Technical Chair of the J Consortium. “While PERC has effectively addressed the needs of highly dynamic, large, and complex soft real-time systems, it is too large and too complex to effectively satisfy the needs of hard real-time developers of static applications. Both JRaven and JRTK are designed to provide performance and footprint comparable to C.”

JRaven and JRTK will be compatible with the official Real-Time Specification for Java, approved by the Java Community Process. JRaven will also adhere to the safety-critical Java standard being developed within the Java Community Process under oversight from the Open Group’s Real-Time and Embedded Systems Forum.

“We are pleased to see the growth of commercial support for our open standardization activities,” stated David Lounsbury, Vice President of Advanced Research for the Open Group. “Commercial investment in supporting our technologies is the best gauge of our effectiveness in delivering standards with industry relevance.”

Shipping and Availability
The first commercial release of JRTK is planned for Q4 2004. The first commercial release of JRaven is planned for Q1 2005. Contact Aonix directly for early access to pre-commercial technologies. Initial product releases will target the PowerPC platform running with Aonix SmartKernel certifiable partitioned real-time executive. Support for other architectures and operating systems will follow shortly after initial commercial availability.

About Aonix
Aonix is a global independent provider of Software Engineering Development Environments with more than 20 years of experience. Our products cover Analysis and Design (AmeosTM, Software through Pictures® and Architecture Component Development®), GUI Design (TeleUSE®) and implementation in Ada (ObjectAda®, AdaWorld®), Embedded Java (PERC®), high-performance and certifiable Real-Time kernels (RAVENTM, SmartKernelTM) and Software-Testing. As a pioneer in current market trends such as Model Driven Architecture® (MDA), Real-Time Java and in the development of safety-critical applications Aonix addresses the needs of mission- and safety-critical applications for various industries including Avionics, Space, Defense, Transportation, Telecoms, Automotive, and Industry in general. Professional training, consulting and local technical support guarantees our customers the successful development and deployment of their applications. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to a network of international distributors. For more information, visit

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