Aonix Rolls Out SmartKernel for Safety-Critical Applications

3/30/2004 - Aonix®, an independent global company delivering complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, is pleased to announce the first language-specific component of SmartKernel, a memory and time-partitioned kernel designed to provide safety and security protection.

Building on its long history of supplying small and fast Ada95 compile systems that satisfy the Ravenscar Ada95 profile certifiable language subset, Aonix is targeting language-specific configurations of SmartKernel so that developers will be able to create systems where multiple applications in multiple languages can safely run on a single board. With this release, SmartKernel now offers support for the full Ada95 language on the PowerPC. As the first implementation of a language-specific implementation using SmartKernel, this release will run as a single SmartKernel partition.

“The SmartKernel technology is important for next-generation safety- or mission-critical systems that require the protection of one application from the potential failure of another application on the same board,” noted Greg Gicca, Director of Product Marketing, Ada Products, Aonix. “SmartKernel provides time and memory partitioning to support multiple safety levels on a single embedded processor board. By using multiple safety levels on a single board, developers are able to reduce the hardware cost of embedded systems since fewer physical processors are needed to implement an embedded system.”

Along with supporting multiple applications on a single processor board, future versions of SmartKernel will offer multilanguage support for languages such as C/C++, Ada83 and embedded Java. SmartKernel technology will include support in individual as well as multilanguage configurations with individual or multilanguage debugging within and across the partitions.

The SmartKernel core contains the Enabler, an extremely small and fast operating-system enabling layer that provides only the primitive features necessary to implement a language-specific operating system or full general-purpose OS. Because of its small size, the SmartKernel core is easily certified to both safety and security standards. With lower layer support for higher-level operating systems, all operating systems and applications functioning on top of SmartKernel easily port to new boards and architectures.

Shipping and Availability
SmartKernel – Ada95/Embedded includes a full IDE and Ada 95 cross compiler, high-quality code generator, source-level target debugger, Ethernet and serial download and debug facilities, and AdaCover coverage analysis tool. These solutions are available immediately on Windows cross PowerPC platforms. Upcoming versions feature ARINC-653 and DO-178B certification and will follow shortly.

About Aonix
Aonix is a global independent provider of Software Engineering Development Environments with more than 20 years of experience. Our products cover Analysis and Design (AmeosTM, Software through Pictures® and Architecture Component Development®), GUI Design (TeleUSE®) and implementation in Ada (ObjectAda®, AdaWorld®), Embedded Java (PERC®), high-performance and certifiable Real-Time kernels (RAVENTM, SmartKernelTM) and Software-Testing. As a pioneer in current market trends such as Model Driven Architecture® (MDA), Real-Time Java and in the development of safety-critical applications Aonix addresses the needs of mission- and safety-critical applications for various industries including Avionics, Space, Defense, Transportation, Telecoms, Automotive, and Industry in general. Professional training, consulting and local technical support guarantees our customers the successful development and deployment of their applications. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to a network of international distributors. For more information, visit

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