Embedded Systems Conference Showcases InHand's Low-Power Handhelds

3/30/2004 - InHand Electronics, Inc., a leading provider of ultra-portable, low-power handheld and wireless device platform technologies, details its technologies and products at "electronicaUSA" with the Embedded Systems Conference.

The Phraselator 2 (P2) Ė VoxTecís next-generation voice translation handheld device Ė will be InHandís featured customer demonstration. Real-time demonstrations of its high-performance speaker-independent speech recognition, language translation, and high-fidelity audio will be available. The P2ís new modular design approach is built upon a customized version of InHandís Fingertip3 reference platform and BatterySmart dynamic power management software.

Other customer demonstrations will include a series of unique GPS- and wireless-enabled handheld devices for use on golf courses, a ruggedized military handheld device with an advanced anti-jamming GPS receiver, and several other smart sensor and handheld devices for use in the commercial, industrial, and military markets.

InHand will also provide open, unpackaged demonstrations of its embedded Elf3 and Fingertip3 reference platforms and its BatterySmart dynamic power management software. These demonstrations will show InHand Electronicsí depth and breadth of support for Intelís XScale microprocessor and operating systems such as Linux and Microsoftís Windows CE.NET.

Representatives from InHand will brief customers and editors on its upcoming next-generation reference platforms. These next-generation platforms will incorporate new microprocessors and sophisticated wireless and power management software technologies, all within InHandís trademark small form factor designs. InHandís briefings will also focus on its significant momentum in securing development contracts for its patent pending power management hardware and software technologies. These contracts are providing InHand with significant internal resources to develop new technologies in areas such as advanced high-efficiency source-to-load power distribution within wireless smart sensor devices and miniature wireless information carrier devices with unlimited battery life. Future hardware and software products based on these development efforts will revolutionize the way power is managed on small wireless devices.

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