BivarOpto Unveils Energy-Saving, Long-Life LED PAR-Style Lamp

3/29/2004 - Featuring a new, all-in-one LED-based lighting alternative for incandescent spot and flood lamps used in architectural and interior accent lighting, BivarOptoTM, the Optoelectronics division of Bivar, Inc., has introduced their INFINITE 1TM LED Lamp, offering energy savings of over 90% and life expectancy rated in years not hours.

The INFINITE 1TM Series design includes an Edison based housing assembly directly interchangeable with industry-standard PAR style spots and floods. Thirty-nine (39) Bivar Super-Flux MAKOTM LEDs are arranged in a grid-array pattern to project evenly distributed light equivalent to the output of a comparable incandescent spot or flood lamp. The series features a multi-optic lens that can be rotated 90°, enabling a single unit to provide both flood and spot output. A honeycomb style, prismatic lens geometry is formed in a non-diffused, tinted polycarbonate, providing maximum light transmission and environmental sealing. These units offer an immediate, energy-saving solution and the capability to function as a spot or flood lamp, thereby lessening inventory requirements where both spot and flood lamp replacements are typical.

Available in standard colors (amber, red, yellow, green, blue and white) and RGB, the BivarOptoTM INFINITE 1 LED PAR lamp offers a host of new uses across a wide variety of applications including architectural, interior design lighting, exterior lighting, and accent lighting. Other applications include industrial, medical, security, photographic processing, and applications where long service life and low maintenance are valued.

“The new INFINITE 1 PAR LED lamp is a major product development that can realistically revolutionize several lighting disciplines sensitive to energy consumption, particularly those applications using incandescent spot and flood lamps where replacement costs are at a premium, such as interior accent lighting, architectural lighting and retail lighting applications”, stated Anthony Vilgiate, Vice President, Strategic Business Development at Bivar. “ In architectural lighting, this product can also create a major breakthrough where new challenges for color and lighting effects can be met with a single, all-purpose lamp that offers virtually infinite life.”

The INFINITE 1 Series features low energy-consumption operation of less than 5.0 Watts (<5.0W) at 110VAC. Light output is rated from 54cd [candelas] (White) to over 100cd (Red/Yellow/Green/Blue). For additional contrast and enhancement, the unit is supplied with a removable snap-on shroud for use in spot applications in extreme daylight conditions. The 94V-O rated housing and shroud are ideal for operating in higher temperatures up to 150? F. The shroud also enables the unit to function as its own lighting fixture, requiring only a standard based installation. The new BivarOptoTM INFINITE 1 PAR LED lamps are available from stock. Unit pricing is from $50 each in production quantities. For more information, contact Bivar, Inc. at 1-800-772-2377.

About Bivar, Inc.
Bivar has established an industry-leading position in the electronic PCB assembly and hardware industry, providing low-cost solutions for problems associated with the assembly and manufacturing process. Founded in 1965, Bivar has continually developed unique designs for the installation of PCB-mounted devices and the packaging of PCBs in enclosures and systems. Today, the company is an active Executive Member in PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group), an international consortium of over 500 leading companies who collaboratively develop specifications and products that adapt to compact PCI technology. Bivar's Optoelectronics Division, BivarOpto , features the world's largest selections of LED mounts and assemblies, and innovative LED devices, while the Bivar Enclosure and PCB Assembly Hardware Group provides an extensive selection of permanent mounts and wash-away spacers, PCB packaging products and hardware for use in the manufacturing process. Bivar obtained ISO9000 certification in 1998 supporting the company's commitment to high quality products and customer service. For more information or to receive a catalog, contact Bivar, Inc., 4 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618-2593; Tel: (949) 951-8808; Fax: (949) 951-3974; e-mail:; Internet:

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