Summit Microelectronics Certifies DC/DC Converter Modules

3/29/2004 - Summit Microelectronics has begun a program to certify compatibility of DC/DC converter modules with Summit's precision marginers and controllers, and is working with several initial participants now.

The program, called "Summit Certified," is an extension of an informal procedure that Summit has been conducting for some time at the request of a leading network communications company. The program exists to broaden and accelerate this process.

The "Summit Certified" program benefits DC/DC Converter makers by making it easier for their customers to verify that their products are compatible with Summit Microelectronics' precision controllers. Likewise, the program makes it easier for the growing list of end users who have designed in Summit Controllers such as the award-winning SMM665 (AnalogZone Product of the Year) to select modules that they can be confident will work in their application.

After testing by Summit, a report is provided confirming that the tested converter margins up & down, sequences up & down, and functions in Active DC Output Control (ADOC mode) with the SMM665. The report shows output voltage accuracy versus setpoint from the converter both with ADOC in operation and not in operation, and shows accuracy of margining; these are done at near maximum load, mid-load, and at light current load.

Tested modules receiving certification are listed on the Summit website. The "Summit Certified" logo shown above is then authorized for inclusion by manufacturers on the datasheets of their modules receiving certification from Summit. The certification reference design is published by both Summit Microelectronics and the module maker.

Summit Microelectronics supplies semiconductors that manage power functions in enterprise, networking, industrial and consumer systems. Customers can very rapidly tailor Summit's programmable analog technology to their specific requirements on an application-by-application basis &emdash; using the same basic part over and over. Founded in 1997, Summit is headquartered in San Jose, California. The Company is ISO 9001 certified.

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