Senforce, Panasonic, and GTSI Support DoD Wireless Directive

3/29/2004 - Three leading technology companies announced the immediate availability of ‘STORM’ (Secure, Tough, Online/Offline, Reliable, and Mobile), a joint solution designed to support Department of Defense (DoD) Wireless Directive DoDD 8100.2 for mobile technology usage in government agencies and organizations.

Senforce Technologies, Inc., Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, and GTSI® Corp. (NASDAQ:GTSI) joined efforts to produce STORM to meet several key requirements in DoDD 8100.2 which allows use of commercial wireless devices, services, and technologies on the DoD Global Information Grid. STORM combines the technological expertise of these companies in delivering mobile PCs configured with a complete, integrated solution meeting stringent government agency requirements.

Key elements of the STORM solution support such requirements as:

In meeting these requirements, the STORM solution proves well suited for the DoD, and for all other federal, state, and local government agencies.

Senforce Technologies, Inc. provides the secure part of STORM with its Senforce Enterprise Mobile Security Manager (EMSM) version 2.5. EMSM resides in the operating system kernel and ensures a higher level of security than first-generation personal firewalls. The EMSM client resides in the NDIS driver level, utilizes advanced, stateful packet inspection technology, and provides managed endpoint firewall protection. Other security settings are enforced through policies that adapt based on a mobile user’s network location, communication adapter and network access type—both wired and wireless. These security policies are centrally managed, and highly customizable by network administrators. Endpoint client security is automatically enforced without any additional user intervention.

“Senforce is pleased to provide the technology securing the STORM user and enforcing agency security policies in STORM-ready notebook PCs,” said Allan Thompson, Senforce president and CEO. The EMSM Panasonic Toughbook® PCs with Intel® Centrino mobile technology combination makes and keeps users policy-compliant and secure whether connected to wired, wireless, broadband, or dial-up networks, or when working standalone. EMSM provides government IT professionals with the flexibility to activate, roll out, and control mobile and wireless connectivity when they are ready, and with confidence that mobile endpoints are secure.”

Tough, Reliable, and Mobile
Panasonic Computer Solutions Company provides the tough component of STORM with its leading Toughbook® line of ruggedized, mobile PCs. Through years of close work the US Federal Government market serving military, defense, intelligence and civilian agencies, Panasonic continues to manufacture innovative, reliable mobile PCs. With key features including shock-mounted hard drives, magnesium encased LCDs, and integrated wireless WAN or LAN communications ensure Toughbooks endure every bump and shock while providing increased productivity for STORM users. Toughbooks also take advantage of the added mobility benefits of Intel® Centrino mobile technology.

“Panasonic’s successful track record of working with government agencies and our manufacturing facilities to deliver tough and reliable mobilized computing solutions brings key technology to STORM,” said Rance Poehler, president of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. “The combination of the dependable and highly-acclaimed Toughbook platform with its long list of ruggedized features designed for unique federal space requirements and Senforce security technology gives the added value and confidence to agencies seeking Wireless Directive DoDD 8100.2 compliance for mobile PCs.”

Making the combination of hardware, software and security technology aware of the online/offline nature of mobile users and their data is another essential part of the STORM solution. The combination of Intel® Centrino mobile technology and Senforce technology enables government agencies’ security policies to follow mobile devices and users and apply regardless their connection state—either online or offline. Senforce’s WhereAwareTM technology enforces security policies at multiple locations either inside or outside your network perimeter. Users in locations and networks outside the office—connected or not, online and offline—at home, in the coffee shop, at the airport, or in a hotel are all protected and compliant with centrally-managed security policies.

Delivering STORM
GTSI Corp. combines the technologies from Panasonic and Senforce to deliver the STORM solution for government agency procurement and integration. Upon agency request, GTSI will deliver mobile systems that are pre-configured with STORM. STORM systems delivered in this fashion include system recovery disks with STORM integrated into the recovery data to prevent circumventing of security by rolling hard disk contents ‘back to factory.’

With its 10-year partnership with Panasonic Solutions in the federal space and a recent distribution agreement with Senforce Technologies, GTSI’s exclusive focus on customers in federal, state, and local government IT solutions means the distribution support services for STORM—including installation, equipment maintenance, site survey, system configuration and integration—will meet the demands of all government agencies.

“The STORM solution advances the mutual goal of GTSI, Panasonic Solutions and Senforce Technologies to provide the 'best in class' mobile solutions to our government customers,” said Scott Friedlander, group vice president-sales, technology teams at GTSI. “STORM allows DoD and other government agencies to immediately advance their compliance efforts with the DoD Wireless Directive. GTSI is pleased to participate in STORM to provide these needed security solutions for our government customers.”

STORM is available immediately to all government agencies from GTSI. Both Panasonic Toughbook and Senforce EMSM solutions are available pre-configured for STORM support. A variety of scalable maintenance options are also offered. Please direct inquiries to GTSI, Senforce Technologies, and Panasonic Solutions.

About Senforce Technologies
Senforce Technologies, Inc. is the leading developer of location-aware security software for enterprise mobile computing. Senforce’s flagship product, Enterprise Mobile Security ManagerTM, allows IT Managers to create, deploy, enforce and monitor computer security policies for mobile clients across the enterprise. The company is based in Orem, Utah, with offices in California and Virginia. Senforce products are distributed to the United States federal government by GTSI Corp., the leading government technology solutions provider. Senforce Technologies is privately held, and is funded by Rocket Ventures, EsNet Group Ltd., Ridgewood Capital and Panasonic / Matsushita. Information about Senforce Technologies is available on the Web at

About Panasonic Computer Solutions Company
Panasonic Computer Solutions Company’s core competency is manufacturing innovative, reliable mobile PCs with confidence and access to corporate resources in responding directly to customer requirements. Panasonic strengthens this strategy with an organization of vertical teams focused solely on customer markets like the US Federal Government—dedicating account managers to work closely with the military, defense, intelligence and civilian agencies.

Innovation. A US military base approached Panasonic with a set of issues for their digitized flightline project—they needed rugged, mobile computers for use in aircraft flightline maintenance; wireless access to depot network for aircraft replacement parts, availability and orders; an LCD with easily readable display in direct sunlight; systems for use in 120 degree heat while working on a tarmac. Panasonic’s account manager worked directly with our factory in addressing and solving this problem resulting in a deployment of over 300 fully-rugged, MIL-STD-810F Toughbooks with integrated CISCO wireless LAN cards, new Transflective LCD technology and silver-coated units for heat reduction.

Reliability. The combination of Panasonic Toughbook features like shock-mounted hard drives, magnesium encased LCDs and integrated wireless WAN or LAN communications ensure increased user productivity in the field—reducing costs in employee downtime, data/information loss, and tech rep troubleshooting labor hours to mention a few. The Toughbooks offer a direct advantage over Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products that cannot endure abuses such as knocks, drops, and sun-glare that are a reality in field applications.

Confidence. Panasonic has over 18 years experience in mobile solutions and is one of the few remaining Core Mobile PC Manufacturers utilizing our own resources for key components like LCDs, CD/DVD-ROMs and batteries. Panasonic is a Matsushita Company, one of the largest in the world, with sales over $61.5 Billion providing our division access to ISO 9001 certified factories, 250 + engineers, worldwide service programs, and R&D expertise. This combined with Panasonic’s 10-year partnership with GTSI Corp in the federal space provides secure, wireless and mobile technology solutions to the federal government worldwide supported by dedicated product and service specialists, diverse contract offerings, and access to GTSI's top secret clearance, ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality management facility.

Panasonic: Innovation. Reliability. Confidence.—Leading rugged, mobile PC partner to the US Federal Government.

About GTSI Corp.
GTSI Corp. is an information technology (IT) solutions leader, focusing exclusively on Federal, State, and Local government customers worldwide. For two decades, GTSI has served those customers by teaming with global IT leaders like Panasonic, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Cisco, and Sun Microsystems. Offering a broad range of products and services, an extensive contract portfolio, and ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality management, GTSI uses its unique Technology Teams to deliver "best of breed" solutions that help government customers do their job more effectively. GTSI is headquartered in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. Further information about the Company is available at

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