Appear Networks Showcases Provisioning Server and Presents Case Studies

3/26/2004 - Appear Networks, a Franco-Swedish leader in context-aware services for Wi-Fi networks, announced the demonstration of its platform Appear Provisioning Server (APS), at the ultimate wireless and mobility show in London. The APS uses unique positioning and provisioning technology to generate context aware services in WLAN Hotspots and Workspots. Appear Networks will also speak at the Unplugged - Mobility Seminar during the exhibition entitled Enterprise Applications Case Studies.

The most important feature of the APS platform is its leading edge context aware engine, which enables services and applications to be presented automatically to a user, depending on the time, location, user profile and type of device.

It is currently used to deploy value added services in Workspots. A Workspot is a Hotspot where not only visitors circulate, but also semi-mobile workers and employees. They can then access location and time-sensitive information onto their mobile device. This capability turns a standard WLAN Hotspot into an intelligent workspace called the Workspot. Business environments are thus enhanced through the increase of productivity, enhanced customer service and new revenue opportunities.

The Click&RunTM Experience
When you enter a Hotspot or Workspot with your wireless device, it is automatically detected and available services appear as icons on your screen. When you click on an icon, the service is downloaded, installed and executed in one instance. The application is automatically removed from the device when you leave the network (but the service may also be actively saved for subsequent offline use).

If your company is deploying mobile devices across your organisation, this seminar will show the benefits and savings, due to employees being able to access company services and other information at a click even when away from their desks. The Wireless Unplugged Mobility Seminar will take place on 7 April at 1.30pm. Johanna Calais, Senior Sales Executive, Appear Networks will discuss the deployment of value-added services in public Hotspots and private Workspots focusing in particular on case studies in Public Transportation and Government / Education and how Return of Investment can be generated for enterprises through the deployment of APS.

About Appear Networks:
Appear Networks is a Franco-Swedish software provider dedicated to the needs of today’s mobile users: allowing easy access to any wireless application, across different networks, on multiple mobile devices. Appear Provisioning Server is a software platform currently used by major operators to deploy value-added services in WorkspotsTM. Workspots are wireless-enabled zones such as airports, subway stations, or conference venues, where visitors and local workers can discover and download new applications over-the-air, in one single click, using Appear Networks’ patent-pending Click & RunTM software technology.

The "Click & Run"TM software technology enables any communicating mobile device to discover, load and run applications available locally in one simple click. Appear Networks' technology is ideal for local mobile workers as well as for visitors to public hotspots. Appear Networks has successfully partnered with leading IT companies such as Cisco, Intel, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers and Cisco. Its current customers are large corporations such as RATP (French Subway), SNCF (French Railway), SL (Stockholm Public Transportation Authority), CGEA-Connex (Veolia Environment group), FMV (Swedish Defence), Sagem Defence & Security and European WLAN operators.

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