Symbian OS Powers Mobile Solutions at CTIA Wireless

3/23/2004 - Symbian Limited announced its key Symbian Platinum Partners are demonstrating compelling and innovative Symbian OSTM solutions and applications at the Symbian OS Solutions booth #4665, at CTIA Wireless 2004. Companies providing demonstrations in the Symbian OS Solutions booth include FastMobile, Handango, HP, Insignia, Macromedia, Mobility Electronics, Opera, RealNetworks, Symantec, Tegic/AOL, Teleca, Trigenix, Visto and ViVOtech.

Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global industry standard operating system for smartphones, to the world’s leading handset manufacturers, which account for over 85 per cent of annual mobile phone sales worldwide . In 2003 more than 6.67 million mobile phones based on Symbian OS from five handset manufacturers were sold to carriers worldwide.

Key technologies such as Bluetooth printing, browser capabilities, mobile email, multimedia players, push-to-talk, security solutions and many more are being demonstrated on a variety of Symbian OS handsets throughout CTIA Wireless 2004.

The following is a summary of each company’s demonstration:

Fastmobile’s fastchat solution gives Symbian OS handsets the combined power of push-to-talk and multimedia communications. Driven by a presence-based contact list, fastchat seamlessly integrates these messaging mediums into a powerfully simple UI that also links the mobile and PC desktop worlds. Demonstrations will also include extensions of fastmobile's instant “push-to” experience for accessing personalized Internet content.

Handango the leading provider of mobile downloads for phones and handhelds, will be on the Symbian OS Solutions stand. Symbian OS applications are the most downloaded smartphone applications on Handango, Handango’s Symbian OS application sales increased at an average of 20% each month in 2003, with customers purchasing 12% more applications (in USD) for Symbian OS phones than for other mobile devices.

HP is demonstrating its mobile printing solution for Symbian OS camera phones. The Wireless Printing for Mobile Phones platform uses Bluetooth BPP to connect Nokia's 3650 or 6600 phones with HP's DeskJet 450wbt to print photos, MMS, SMS, e-mail text, notepad files, contacts and calendar items wirelessly.

Insignia’s Secure System Provisioning (SSP) is a standards-based infrastructure software system, written in Java, that enables mobile operators and device manufacturers to executes OTA RepairTM to reduce customer care costs. Dynamic CapabilitiesTM adds new mobile service capabilities to mobile phones, and also execute other firmware OTA-based applications such as inventory management, stolen phone security, enterprise IT support and many more. Insignia SSP client software is offered royalty-free to all Symbian OS licensees as part of Symbian's Companion Technology Program.

Macromedia is showcasing its market-leading multimedia solutions for Symbian OS, Macromedia FlashCast and Macromedia Flash Lite. FlashCast is a service platform for carriers that delivers interactive channels to mobile users. Macromedia Flash Lite is a profile of the ubiquitous Flash Player designed specifically for mobile phones. The combination of Symbian OS with Macromedia's Flash technologies simplifies the production, delivery and use of previously unavailable rich mobile content.

Mobility Electronics, Inc. is demonstrating its mobile office suites for Symbian OS. iGo Quickoffice Premier UIQ provides the only available Microsoft Office file editing solution for phones based on Symbian OS and the UIQ user interface. Users can open, edit, save and send Word and Excel documents via e-mail attachments, or from expansion cards and use a full word processor that includes a user interface for easy editing, reviewing and complete formatting of documents.

Opera Software, an industry leader in web browsing technology, is demonstrating the Opera mobile web browser and upcoming mobile UI solution, the Opera Platform. Opera for mobile phones differentiates itself from other mobile browsers with advanced standards support, unique design tools and innovative rendering technologies. Additionally, the Opera Platform presents a browser-based UI to integrate operator content with local applications, engaging users in a customizable and dynamically-updated home screen. This solution is designed to provide compelling, branded content that stimulates data usage.

Polycom is demonstrating a Symbian OS client for its Instant Group Calling service. Instant Group Calling, enabled by Polycom's MobileMeetingTM solution, quickly connects subscribers with groups of people in just a few keystrokes on Symbian OS handsets. Instant Group Calling is hassle-free and requires no advanced scheduling, central call-in numbers nor passwords to remember. Subscribers simply select multiple contacts from their existing contacts lists and connect instantly in a high quality, full-duplex group call.

RealNetworks, Inc., a global provider of network-delivered digital audio and video services and the creator of the technology that enables digital media creation, distribution and consumption, is demonstrating integrated audio and video capabilities on Symbian OS handsets. Consumers can use RealPlayer on a Symbian OS handset to create and play free and premium digital content.

Symantec, the world leader in information security, is demonstrating its security solutions for Symbian mobile enterprise customers. Symantec plans to extend its key security technologies to provide comprehensive Internet security defense essential to enterprises that purchase Symbian OS-based mobile phones.

Tegic/AOL is offering the source code for a new T9 Symbian FEP (Front End Processor), expected to be available in Q2 2004. This code expedites T9 integration on Symbian OS handsets by providing the bulk of the integration-layer code that the OEM or ODM previously needed to write.

Teleca, a Series 60 Platform Independent Design House for Nokia and an integrator with extensive experience in the 3G market, will be demonstrating Series 60 integrated with Motorola's 3G Innovative Convergence Platform (i300). This is the first full-featured Series 60 Platform for 3G devices based on Symbian OS and is ready for deployment. The reference platform was designed and validated by Teleca.

Trigenix is demonstrating the T4 user interface technology that does not require reformatting on Symbian OS. Operators are thus able to promote revenue generating own-brand services through the user interface without changes to each individual manufacturer's UI. Messaging and other data services can be significantly improved through the use of 'wizards' that guide the user through the complex MMS creation process. Trigenix’s T4 now also includes Trigpublisher, for production-scale delivery of content to handset user interfaces.

Visto Corporation is demonstrating its mobile messaging solutions on Symbian OS phones. Visto Mobile Access Solution, Server Edition, provides departmental and enterprise access to corporate email. Visto Mobile Personal Edition is a flexible set of custom-branded applications and services that enable mobile operators the ability to provide subscribers with real-time, secure, remote access email, PIM and other files directly from their mobile devices. Visto is also showcasing its new, extremely fast push email technology.

ViVOtech, a leader in lifestyle payment transactions, is demonstrating customized, contact-less payment and promotion software on Symbian OS handsets. The new ViVOwallet solution enhances the mobile phone as an "all in one" device serving as an integral part of consumers' daily lives. It adds a powerful application to the mobile phone's existing capabilities, spurring new consumer usage and opening the door to incremental revenue opportunities for carriers. With ViVOwallet , consumers will now be able make secure, convenient and fast contact-less payments. Other service offerings from ViVOwallet include the use of loyalty cards, gift cards and SMS e-coupons.

About Symbian Ltd
Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones. Symbian licenses Symbian OS to the world’s leading handset manufacturers. The following Symbian OS licensees have manufactured and announced Symbian OS-based mobile phones: Arima, BenQ, Fujitsu for NTT DoCoMo FOMA, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Sendo, Siemens, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. In 2003, over 6.67 million Symbian OS-based mobile phones were sold worldwide and ten million were sold overall to date. Symbian has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

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