Sensory Showcases Large Vocabulary Recognition System for Mobile Phones

3/23/2004 - Sensory Inc, the leader in embedded speech technology, is showcasing its new large vocabulary recognition system in the Texas Instruments booth at the CTIA show. This large vocabulary recognizer can recognize up to thousands of names with very high accuracy, even in the presence of noise.

Technology & Application.
Sensory uses a speaker independent recognition technology requiring no training. The recognizer can learn the vocabulary by simply reading text files stored in Microsoft(r) Outlook(tm) or other contact software. This is particularly useful for name dialing applications, where users already have a very large database of names in their contacts, and don't want to have to train each name individually. The Sensory recognizer does all the work. Additionally, general control of the handset device can be accomplished by voice. For example, calling up dates in the calendar, accessing websites or other information, can now be done without having to scroll through menus. This can be particularly useful in hands-busy, eyes busy environments like while driving to avoid distraction.

The Platform. Sensory has chosen to rollout and showcase its Fluent Speech large vocabulary engine on the Motorola MPx200 with WindowsTM Mobile software, utilizing TI's high-performance, low-power OMAPTM processors.

"Sensory's recognition accuracy is quite good, even in the presence of noise. We think this will be a real breakthrough for our customers," said Paul Werp, Texas Instruments OMAP Platform Marketing Manager. "We are pleased to be working with Sensory to optimize their unique technology on TI's OMAP processors."

About Sensory, Inc.
Sensory, Inc. is the world leader in embedded speech technologies. Sensory's speech technologies include speech recognition, speaker verification, speech synthesis, and animated speech, and are used in consumer electronics, cell phones, PDA's, Internet appliances, interactive toys, automobiles, and other applications where low cost and high quality is essential. Sensory offers a complete line of integrated circuit and embedded software solutions to customers such as Avon, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, IDT, JVC, Kenwood, Matsushita, Mattel, MGA, Mitsubishi, Radica, Sega, Sharper Image, Sony, Tektronix, Toshiba, Uniden, and VOS. Sensory was founded in 1994 and is based in Santa Clara, California. More information is available from Sensory's web site at

About TI's OMAP Developer Network
Sensory, Inc. is a member of TI's OMAP(tm) Developer Network, a group of leading software developers porting advanced applications to TI's high performance, power-efficient OMAP processors. Handset manufacturers adopting OMAP devices enjoy the rapid deployment of compelling wireless applications - including streaming audio and video, multimedia messaging, gaming, security, speech recognition, location based services and mobile commerce - across all leading operating systems. Systems level integration services are also provided worldwide by independent OMAP Technology Centers. The OMAP platform has been selected by leading manufacturers, such as Nokia, NEC, Fujitsu, LG Electronics, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Palm, Motorola and many more, for their 2.5 and 3G wireless devices. For more information, please visit

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