Anritsu Rolls Out Faster and More Extensive 3G Test Tool

3/22/2004 - Anritsu Company continues its leadership in 3G test and measurement with the introduction of the MX786201A Rapid Test Designer (RTD), bringing unprecedented simplicity and speed to analyzing W-CDMA devices. Designed to be used with Anritsu's MD8480B W-CDMA Signaling Tester, the RTD is a next-generation tool that helps W-CDMA user equipment (UE) developers and network operators conduct interoperability tests on 3G mobile UE that go beyond existing conformance tests and test networks.

An RTD system consists of a Windows-based PC connected to the MD8480B and a set of core tools that supports the entire test process - design, test, analysis, test execution, and results. It enables the effective and efficient development of test case libraries for a variety of purposes, including acceptance testing, integration testing, interoperability testing, generating variants of existing tests, application testing, and regression testing.

RTD enables fast development of a large number of test scenarios. These include location update, success/reject; routing area update, success/reject; RRC connection, CELL_FACH and CELL_DCH; authentication and integrity; radio bearer establishment; CS call (normal and emergency); CN paging, and PS session.

While providing a number of analysis capabilities that complement conformance testing and test networks, RTD goes far beyond these conventional measurements. RTD is more beneficial than conformance testing because it simulates a real 3G network that must interoperate with other real 2G, 2.5G, 3G, and fixed wireless networks. Other conformance testing solutions focus only on adherence to 3GPP standards. Test networks are more limiting than RTD in that they cannot test roaming scenarios, failure conditions, full range of measurements, and future services.

One of the biggest benefits of RTD is its ease of use. It presents an intuitive and interactive graphical environment for developing test case libraries. Complementing this ability is an expert system designed specifically for 3G, so it can guide the user through the complexity of the 3GPP protocols. The result is the ability to conduct accurate tests on specific functions and protocols within the UE without having extensive knowledge of all the protocol layers. In addition, the intuitive graphical interface eliminates the need for users to learn a special test language or know the nuances of driving a system simulator.

Priced at $222,615, the MX786201A RTD works in conjunction with the MD8480B, which starts at $155,000. Upgrades to RTD are available for customers who already have Anritsu's MX785201A W-CDMA Protocol Test System (PTS) software. Delivery of the RTD is 3 to 4 weeks ARO.

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