Brooktrout Introduces Early Access Program for Qualified Developers

3/18/2004 - Brooktrout Technology, a leading supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products, announced an Early Access Program for a controlled release of its new host-based media processing product. Qualified developers will receive an early release of Brooktrout’s host-based media product, along with technical documentation, and dedicated technical support, providing them with a jump-start on the development cycle and helping them get to market faster.

Host-based media processing allows media processing and call control functions—traditionally performed by specialized hardware telephony boards—to be performed on general purpose system host processors that run in industry standard servers. Host-based media processing brings new efficiencies to existing applications, such as IVR and voice messaging, by eliminating the need for specialized hardware through support of a software-only solution. In addition, it holds promise for expanding enterprise voice capabilities into more mainstream business applications.

Enterprise application vendors want to take advantage of the benefits of host-based media processing, including simplified distribution, support and logistics, that translate into reduced costs and improved service. However, many are concerned about the performance impact of running real-time media processing in a non-real-time environment, and of the contention for system resources between media processing and their applications. Brooktrout’s approach is designed to deliver on the benefits of host-based media by focusing on the performance and reliability of the total system. Brooktrout’s approach is also engineered to permit easy transition between hardware and software, and IP and TDM solutions.

“As speech integrates with mainstream IT applications beyond the call center, innovations such as Host-Based Media are vital in packaging speech for general IT consumption, and out of the realm of specialized telephony systems,” said Mark Plakias, partner and senior consultant, Zelos Group.

“Since our company began, we’ve provided enabling technology capabilities in whatever form best meets the needs of our customers, and we remain committed to investment in both hardware and software-based solutions. This strategy puts Brooktrout in a strong position to take advantage of the impending transition in the communications market to flexible software-only solutions,” said Eric Giler, president of Brooktrout. “Our current products, along with our new host-based media processing products, will provide developers the freedom to move between hardware and software platforms, allowing them to select the best technology to suit their particular needs.”

For more information on joining the Host-Based Media Early Access Program, contact Brooktrout at +1 781-449-4100. To download a copy of Brooktrout’s recent whitepaper on host-based media processing, “Moving Voice Applications Beyond the Switch into the IT Mainstream: The Role of Host-Based Media Processing Software,” visit

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Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products that enable the development of applications, systems and services for both the New Network™ (packet-based) and the traditional telephone (TDM) network. The Company’s strategy is to partner with its customers and collaborate closely with them to help accelerate their delivery of new applications and services, increase their existing business, and help them expand into new markets. For more information, visit Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

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