Vitesse Introduces Enterprise Class Switch for Serial ATA Storage

3/17/2004 - Committed to driving the adoption of serial storage interfaces, Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS) expanded its extensive storage products portfolio to include the VSC7177, both an enhanced 2:1 failover switch for Serial ATA (SATA) and a line-driver/buffer/mux-demux applicable to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) environments. By employing Vitesse’s proven high-performance, low-latency multiplexer technology, this device supports both dual-host access in SATA failover applications and system designer needs for high-performance I/O and buffering for lengthy cable and backplane structures.

The device complies with Serial ATA II Port Selector Specification 1.0 including failover control. In standard active-passive redundant failover systems, the VSC7177 provides two uplinks to SATA or SAS host connections and a single downlink to SATA or SAS storage devices, such as dual-ported disk arrays (JBODs), RAID subsystems, tape augmentation facilities, and near line storage systems.

The VSC7177 extended features include: sideband port selection; high output swings with pre-emphasis; increased receiver sensitivity; and out-of-band transparency supporting true high-end storage designs. These alternative operating modes are well suited to a variety of applications ranging from external enclosure line drivers to buffers for improved signal integrity.

“The VSC7177 delivers the industry’s highest performance and lowest cost for SATA and SAS applications by leveraging Vitesse’s proven technological advancements in switching, storage interfaces, and cost-effective processing techniques,” commented Tim Hornback, director of storage product marketing. “This is a significant benefit to system designers who have been constrained by the limitations of interface technology in ATA storage devices.”

Rounding out the Vitesse Serial ATA product family are the VSC7174 Quad Serial ATA Host Bus Controller, the VSC7175 2:1 Failover Switch, and the VSC420 and VSC425 Serial ATA Enclosure Management Processors.

Product Support, Pricing and Availability
The VSC7177 Enhanced 2:1 Failover Switch comes in a 32-pin, 7x7 mm, QFP-N package and is available now in sample quantities. It is priced at $3.00 in volume quantities. Evaluation platforms, reference designs, and a complete catalog of Vitesse storage solutions can be obtained by contacting Vitesse or its representatives.

About the Storage Products Division
For over a decade, the Storage Products Division at Vitesse has delivered state-of-the-art IC solutions for enterprise storage and storage networking applications. With emphasis on the development of advanced disk array intelligence, high performance interconnect, and enclosure management devices for Fibre Channel, Serial Attached SCSI, and Serial ATA; the Vitesse portfolio is renowned for enterprise applications. As the world leader in enterprise storage ICs, Vitesse components are used in a wide array of products from industry leading OEMs including Adaptec, Brocade, Dell Computer, EMC, Emulex, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, LSI Logic, Sun Microsystems, and many others.

ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment
I/O: Input/Output
JBOD: Just a Bunch of Disks
RAID: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
SAS: Serial Attached SCSI
SATA: Serial ATA

About Vitesse
Vitesse is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative silicon solutions and optical devices used in the networking, communications and storage industries worldwide. Vitesse works to specifically address the requirements of system designers and OEMs by providing high-performance, integrated products that are ideally suited for use in Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core applications. Additional company and product information is available at

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