Atmel Meets Requirements for Space with New Rad-Hard 4-Megabit SRAM

3/17/2004 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability of the AT60142E, a new rad-hard SRAM that meets the stringent radiation, performance, size and weight requirements of space applications.

Produced on a radiation hardened 0.25 um CMOS process, the AT60142E is a very low power static RAM organized as 512 K x 8 bits. It combines rad-hard capabilities - a latch-up threshold and a total dose higher than 70-MeV and 300-Krad respectively - with a fast access time of 20 ns over the full military temperature range. The AT60142E is the solution to applications where fast computing is as important as low power consumption, such as aerospace electronics, portable instruments, or embarked systems.

To prevent the occurrence of multiple SEU induced errors in the same byte, Atmel has organized the AT60142E memory plan in eight parallel blocks of 512 K x 1. This careful memory plan organization allows designers to use simple EDAC systems, thus improving application performance and minimizing development time and complexity. The combination of a thinner technology with a smaller memory cell design also contributes in reducing SEU induced error rates to 1E-9 error per bit per day.

To optimize the AT60142E power consumption, the chip periphery operates at 3.3V, while an internal regulator allows the memory cell to operate at 2.5V. Hence, a single supply voltage is needed at the board level, allowing equipment makers to easily implement the AT60142E in any space designs. Housed in a 36-pin 500-mil wide dual in line flat pack - the smallest package available on the market for this SRAM capacity - the AT60142E weighs only 3 grams, thus supporting the stringent size and weight requirements of the aerospace industry.

"Consistent with Atmel Aerospace standard products policy, we are also offering the AT60142E in die, to QML Q or V flows which encompass an accelerated dynamic burn-in equivalent to a packaged die space burn-in. This die offering allows our customers to produce hybrids or Multi Chip Modules with affordable yields, while improving system performance", said Dominique de Saint Roman, Atmel's Aerospace Marketing Manager. "Atmel is evaluating the possibility of using this chip to offer new and more complex memory cubes- up to 64 Mbits", he added.

The AT60142E is available to any Atmel standard space quality grades, including QML Q & V. The packaged die and bare die support the Standard Military Drawing (SMD) specifications. The AT60142E development has been supported by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), the French space agency.

SEU: Single Event Upset
EDAC: Error Detection and Correction

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