Anritsu Rolls Out Single Instrument Solution for WLAN Analysis

3/15/2004 - Anritsu Company introduces the MT8860A, the first fully-integrated single instrument test solution for WLAN devices that can conduct both transmitter and receiver measurements based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. With the ability to perform these measurements 10x faster than existing test alternatives, the MT8860A provides engineers designing and manufacturing cards for PCs, PDAs, and other products featuring WLAN interfaces with the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution for ensuring product performance and compliance.

The MT8860A is a marked improvement over existing rack-and-stack test solutions that are based on multiple instruments plus "golden" radios from various WLAN chip manufacturers. Anritsu developed the MT8860A in conjunction with first and second tier chip manufacturers, so a universal golden radio is incorporated into the MT8860A. The result is that WLAN device makers have a single test set that provides highly accurate and repeatable measurements. Additionally, chip developers no longer have to design and support golden radios, allowing them to concentrate solely on chip development.

The MT8860A covers both the 2.4 GHz and 4.8 GHz to 6 GHz WLAN bands and supports all 802.11 WLAN standards with options. Accurate high-speed transmitter power, frequency, carrier suppression, and harmonic measurements can be made with the test set. Each of the measurements can be conducted on all frequency channels and all specified power levels. A PCI bus design makes it simple to add measurement capability.

Anritsu has developed the MT8860A with a number of unique features that ensure measurement accuracy and improve measurement speed. In addition to the internal golden radio, the MT8860A features a high-speed spectral processor so measurements can be conducted much faster. The test set also has advanced triggering and gating features, as well as inputs for an external golden radio and interfering signal sources.

To simplify operation, Anritsu developed LANLook, an innovative Windows-style user interface that runs on any PC and displays multiple trace results such as burst profile and spectral mask simultaneously. In addition, LANLook is a Visual Basic program written with an open source code so that users can modify it to establish their own production test programs.

The MT8860A 802.11 Radio Layer Tester has a base price of $26,000 and is available in 8 weeks.

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