Kane Computing Rolls Out ATEME Advanced Multimedia Platform

3/12/2004 - Kane Computing are now shipping the new ATEME Advanced Multimedia Platform (AMP). The AMP is based on open platform standards with a fully programmable computing core; opening the way for a brand new processing COTS board for OEMs. It provides a re-usable, cost optimised dual-core computing board featuring a Texas Instruments DM642 DSP and a General Purpose Processor (GPP), which can be used with a companion interface board, which allows for an array of I/O that can be easily adapted for a specific end-product. The AMP is the first hardware and software reference for high-end digital media applications to be ready for mass-production. The first product of the AMP series, is a toolkit for Digital Media Players targeted for Consumer Electronics.

The Digital Media Player Toolkit features an AMP with a TI DM642 DSP (running at 720 MHz) dedicated to audio / video compression / decompression, and a GPP (General Purpose Processor) running at 400 MHz supporting Linux OS and the Board Support Package. Its interface board supports all the connectivity required by a tabletop home video device, including audio and video I/O, 6-channel plus S/PDIF audio, Ethernet, IDE and USB. The AMP comes with object code needed for DSP media algorithms, along with applications and example source code for a fast implementation into end-products. This first version of the AMP answers current and future product specifications in Consumer Electronics with the GPP hosting any middleware, VOD / video-conferencing signalling and streaming media with the PC.

Working transparently with the GPP as a coprocessor, the DM642 handles the video and audio compression algorithms. Control of the DM642 is handled through high level API, thus significantly simplifying the design of DSP-powered devices. Thanks to its processing power and variety of integrated peripherals, the GPP can host a variety of software stacks such as middleware, DRM, interactive application for IPTV, GPS navigation, and control displays for automotive and in-train infotainment systems. This allows for endless possibilities and product differentiation. Furthermore, modularity and cost reduction are inherent in the design of AMP. Its communications board can be easily redesigned to accommodate any interface desired by customers on the end product. Any multimedia platform can benefit from the AMP.

Complementing ATEME's hardware portfolio, the AMP is a major breakthrough for customers wanting to design appliances with high computational needs. As the one-stop-shop for media processing, ATEME can provide the next generation of key DSP algorithms: MPEG-4 ASP, WM9, AVC/H.264 video and MPEG-2 Layer 1/2/3, WMA and HE-AAC audio, with RTP/RTSP/ RTCP Streaming.

"The AMP is a combination of the most efficient processors to achieve ultimate video performance and application flexibility at lowest cost", said Marc Guillaumet, Marketing Director of Ateme. "DSP programmability and horsepower benefit from evolving standards such as H.264/AVC or multi-algorithm devices and the GPP brings full customisation and end-product feature differentiations needed by innovative products".

"Offering both DSP-based development platforms and audio/video algorithms, ATEME has been a leader since the beginning of video on DSP", said Yvonne Cager, Video System Marketing Manager. "With the AMP, ATEME now solves today's complex algorithm demands with a powerful reference design and offers a complete platform for various needs.

About Kane Computing Ltd
KCL has been providing Image Processing, DSP and high performance computing products for use in industry, education and research since 1987. The last few years has seen considerable growth within KCL in the high performance and Digital Signal Processing markets. KCL started life as Sension Advanced Computing, designing, manufacturing and supplying parallel processing products based around the Inmos transputer. In 1995 it became part of Kane International Ltd and subsequently changed its name to Kane Computing. In October 2001 Kane Computing became an independent Company, Kane Computing Ltd. KCL are now regarded as the primary source of fully supported development tools for Texas Instruments series of DSPs in the United Kingdom. KCL provide a whole range of products based around Texas Instrument's TMS320 range of DSP's. This includes starter kits, development systems, application boards and emulators. KCL has a policy of continual improvement and operates its business in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000. Visit website at www.kanecomputing.co.uk

About Ateme
Ateme, headquartered in France (www.ateme.com), is a world-leading provider of hardware and software systems for audio and video compression on DSP. Ateme delivers custom services on top of its development boards and algorithms. Since 2002, Ateme centres its strategy on applicative toolkits, which targets the specific markets of video-security, broadcast and consumer electronics. The result to OEM is a faster product design, a shorter time to market and total costs reduction. Ateme operates worldwide thanks to its distribution network: Europe, Japan, USA, Israel and Korea.

About Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments Incorporated is the world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies, the semiconductor engines of the Internet age. The company's businesses also include sensors and controls, and educational and productivity solutions. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing or sales operations in more than 25 countries.

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