Atmel Introduces Multi-Purpose Broadband SiGe Power Amplifiers

3/11/2004 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability of the new standard RF products T0905 and ATR0906. Due to their open architecture and their individual matching, the new multi-purpose Power Amplifiers (PAs) T0905 and ATR0906 provide designers maximum system flexibility. Manufactured in Atmel's innovative Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) technology for maximum performance, the new devices address many dedicated communication systems such as professional radios (military, police, security etc.), maritime radio, ISM-band applications and pre-amplifiers in wireless infrastructure systems.

Conventional PAs are narrowband devices to achieve better efficiency. Atmel's new T0905 and ATR0906 cover an extremely broad frequency range, but still provide maximum performance and efficiency. The T0905 is able to cover operating frequencies of 135 to 600 MHz, while the ATR0906 can be used in a range of 500 to 1000 MHz. Competing PA solutions, which are not able to cover these frequency ranges, realize the power amplification via discrete components or gain blocks, which is both costly, complex and difficult.

The open architecture provides system designers the flexibility to adapt the PAs to the needs of each specific application. This means that the new devices can be used either in non-linear (saturated) or in linear mode, they can be operated gain-controlled or with fixed gain, just to mention a few options.

Minimal passive components are needed to easily realize the individual matching that enables such a wide operating frequency range. The power gain can be set dynamically up to 32 dB, the complete dynamic range can be set dynamically up to 60 dB. This allows the PA to quickly adapt and output power and thus save current and avoid excess emission. During CW (Continuous Wave) mode, the output power is up to 35 dBm in while the efficiency is as high as 55%.

"This new multi-purpose PA architecture with its flexibility offers designers new application areas, even where PAs could not be used before", Carsten Friedrich, Atmel's Marketing Manager for Standard RF Products explains. "Moreover, the T0905 and ATR0906 provide best trade off of performance and flexibility. This will bring system designers a competitive advantage to manufacture high-performance end products at reasonable costs."

Samples of the new standard RF products T0905 and ATR0906 in the heat-dissipation-optimized SSO28 packages are available now. Pricing starts at US$ 4.00 (10 k).

About Atmel
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Atmel's standard RF T0905 and ATR0906 product information may be retrieved at: (T0905) (ATR0906)

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