Mercury's New PowerPC 7447 Daughtercards Boost RACE++ System Performance

3/10/2004 - Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) announced the availability of PowerPC® 7447 compute node daughtercards for the company’s RACE++® systems used for signal and image processing applications in defense, medical, and industrial markets. The new daughtercards boost CPU clock speed by 60 percent over current RACE++ daughtercards. They are compatible with currently fielded RACE++ motherboards for VME, cPCI, and PowerStream® systems and provide an easy upgrade path to additional increased performance.

The new RACE++ daughtercards use Motorola’s latest PowerPC "G4+" processors with AltiVecTM technology. The daughtercards initially use the MPC7447 processor, and will switch over to the pin-compatible MPC7447A once the latter product reaches full production this summer. The new daugthercards run at 800 MHz, a 60 percent increase in clock speed over existing 500 MHz daughtercards. The FFT algorithm in Mercury’s Scientific Algorithm Library (SAL) takes advantage of architectural improvements in the G4+ processors that raise the sustained instruction rate per cycle. Optimized specifically for the improved G4+ sustained instruction rate, the new RACE++ system doubles the speed of on-chip FFTs.

"Mercury’s in-depth knowledge of the G4 and G4+ architectures enables customers to obtain optimal performance," said Richard Jaenicke, director of product management at Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. "All PowerPC 7447 nodes are not created equal. Mercury’s algorithm libraries, combined with our proprietary node implementation, historically outperform other PowerPC products. Mercury’s competitive advantage is further enhanced by proven multiprocessor software development tools and open software standards that speed our customers’ time to market."

The PowerPC 7447 daughtercards are available in commercial and rugged versions. For extended temperature ranges up to 71° C, the new daughtercards operate at 667 MHz, a 66 percent increase in clock speed over existing 400 MHz extended temperature systems.

Mercury will begin shipping new RACE++ 800 MHz PowerPC 774 daughtercards at the end of March. U.S. volume pricing for RACE++ 800 PowerPC 7447 daughtercards starts at $25,000. A high-resolution photograph can be downloaded from Mercury’s image library. Additional information about the RACE++ Series 800 MHz PowerPC 7447 daughtercards is available on Mercury's web site.

About Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY) is the leading supplier of high-performance embedded, real-time digital signal and image processing computer systems. Mercury’s products play a critical role in a wide range of applications, transforming sensor data to information for analysis and interpretation. In military reconnaissance and surveillance platforms the company’s systems process real-time radar, sonar, and signals intelligence data. Mercury’s systems are also used in state-of-the-art medical diagnostic imaging devices including MRI, PET, and digital X-ray, and in semiconductor imaging applications including photomask generation and wafer inspection.

Based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Mercury serves customers in North America, Europe and Asia through its direct sales force and a network of subsidiaries and distributors.

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