Jinvani Systech Rolls Out SDIO Bus Analyzer

3/3/2004 - Jinvani Systech, founded by two enterprising entrepreneurs Abhay Jain and Ashish singh launched its product suite SDIO PROTO, the first generation SDIO Bus Analyzer in a gala launch part at the Biltmore Hotel & Suites here.

Several prominent faces from the valley, including Raj Desai, Executive Director of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), Sridar Iyengar, President, TiE were among the attendees at the launch party. Raymond D.Creech, President, SD Association, a standards organization which lays down guidelines for companies which are actively engaged in the design, development, manufacture or sale of products or services, which utilize the Secure Digital (SD) Specifications.

Thanking Jinvani for inviting him, Creech lauded the work being done by Jinvani in this field and said, “This is an exciting time and there is a high level of enthusiasm.” The market he said currently has over 2000 products, which use SD specifications and then went onto wish Jinvani the best in traversing the road ahead.

Sonya Chan, Chief Executive Officer and Ashish Singh, Co-Founder & VP Marketing at Jinvani next gave a brief presentation about the company, its operations, the embedded device market and its potential.

Abhay Jain, Co-Founder and CTO of Jinvani then gave elaborate presentation on the technical aspects of the product including its functionality. "The product would be of great help to ASIC Developers, FPGA Testing, Device Driver Developers, Host/Card specification Developers, SD Product Manufactures and Application Developers" he said and added "Embedded market is growing with a fast pace and we want to accelerate the development by reducing the time in development, debugging and testing."

Singh detailing the target market for Jinvani’s SDIO analyzer said, “Debugging and testing tools encompass over 50 percent of the total embedded development effort.” He also spoke about the different stages of testing and how Jinvani’s product fits into each and every stage. Analyzing the immense market potential, Singh outlined that the thousands of products in the market which use SD interface and more are coming in future. He also emphasis about the Microsoft’s entry into this field. Jinvani’s niche he said, was owing to its product’s competitive price.

Investor and Mentor in Jinvani Systech Mr. Ambrish Sethi gave a impressive speech about his role in jinvani and show a great level of confidence in the product and encourage investors to look for investment opportunity. "My knowledge of market give me confidence in jinvani because testing market is getting bigger and complex with the invention of fast and small form factor devices, and they are providing state of art product and services in the same field" said Mr. Sethi. He is also announced as president of the company for the year 2004.

The company currently has a sales office in San Jose apart from a hardware distribution and R&D center at Singapore and another R&D facility in India.

About Jinvani Systech
Jinvani Systech, a leading provider of the embedded system solutions, provides advanced testing and verification using software and hardware tools, firmware and device driver development services. Our products would be used by semiconductor, device, system and software companies at each phase of their products' lifecycles from developing concept through production and market deployment. We accurately diagnose operational problems to ensure standards compliance and interoperability.

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