Parasoft AEP Team Starter Kits Help Prevent Software Errors for Teams

3/3/2004 - Parasoft, leading provider of Automated Error Prevention (AEP) software, announced the general availability of AEP Team Starter Kits which enable development organizations of all sizes to effectively prevent software errors by following the same best practices and error prevention techniques across an entire team. The Starter Kits include Team Configuration Manager (TCM), Group Reporting System (GRS) and SourceScanner bundled with Parasoft automated unit testing and coding standard analysis products. Now, groups of any size can achieve the full benefits of automated coding standards analysis, unit testing and regression testing for C/C++, Java and .NET development.

Unit testing and coding standards enforcement are key components of the Parasoft Automated Error Prevention (AEP) Methodology(tm);. The Methodology promotes the practice of identifying errors early in the development lifecycle, learning from those mistakes and then working to modify the process so the same errors don’t reoccur.

TCM, a key component of team-wide solutions, ensures that coding standard enforcement and unit testing practices are applied consistently and uniformly across a team. It facilitates the necessary standardization by providing centralized management and application of common, team-defined test configurations (for example, a common set of coding standards to be enforced) that are to be shared and enforced across development teams.

“Successful AEP implementations require that everyone within a team follow the same best practices when writing code,” said Mark Johnson, Parasoft Senior Vice President of Sales. ” With the new team configuration options we now offer, software development groups of any size or structure can achieve the benefits of AEP.”

The Group Reporting System (GRS) helps the team track and analyze different trends and get accurate project summaries to identify which errors keep reoccurring and which can be prevented. The GRS data collection engine collects test data output from the runs of the Server Edition of the Parasoft unit testing products (Jtest, C++Test or .TEST) and deconstructs and imports that data into the GRS relational database repository; the GRS reporting engine then uses that data to provide project managers, architects, and developers with role-based reports and dashboards that help them track trends and monitor the effectiveness of error prevention practices.

Another key Starter Kit component is the SourceScanner, which performs two important functions. First, it maps a developer to each of the test results stored in GRS so that the results can be reported on the individual level. Second, it collects statistics/metrics on code base changes to track code growth, and correlates this growth with the test results from the unit testing and coding standard analysis tool.

“Development groups come in all sizes and have different needs,” said Johnson. ” We need to deliver the solution that best addresses each company’s objectives. With this new structure, we are able to offer all the benefits of AEP in easy to use and manage packages that fit any development process.”

Within the Starter Kit configuration, developers run Parasoft tools on their desktops to apply practices such as unit testing and coding standard enforcement; Architects use an extended version of the same tool to configure and control settings that all team members will use to perform the required practices. To align with the new Team Starter Packages, Parasoft has modified its licensing scheme for each of their automated unit testing and coding standard analysis products. The product licenses have been broken down into:

Jtest and C++Test are available for Windows XP/2000, Linux and Solaris, Professional Editions start at $3495 (US only). .TEST is available for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and starts at $900. Please call Parasoft for specific Team Configuration pricing.

About Parasoft
We make software work. – Parasoft provides Automated Error Prevention solutions that combine advanced products, services and expertise to help companies automatically prevent errors throughout the software lifecycle, to improve software quality and reliability. Based on Parasoft AEP Methodology, the company’s solutions and products automate practices such as coding standards, static analysis, unit testing, regression testing, load & stress testing, functional testing, integration testing, application testing and monitoring. The solutions enable software development and IT organizations to significantly reduce costs by shortening production cycles, improving overall quality and reducing time-to-market. Parasoft has been granted ten patents and numerous awards for the technology behind its innovative line of solutions and products. In September 2003, Parasoft was positioned as a visionary in Gartner’s Distributed Testing Magic Quadrant. Founded in 1987, Parasoft is a privately held company whose clients include IBM, HP, Daimler Chrysler and over 10,000 companies worldwide. Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to: URL:

Parasoft and Jtest are registered trademarks of Parasoft.

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