HFC Bank Deploys Marimba's Client Management Products

3/2/2004 - Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA) announced that HFC Bank, one of the largest independent financial services companies in the UK, is deploying Marimba's Client Management suite to manage more than 4,000 users based in its Head Office, four operations centers, and across its 200-plus UK remote branches.

HFC Bank will now be able to automate the enterprise-wide distribution and installation of software over low bandwidth connections, manage existing applications for desktops, laptops and mobile users, and collect hardware and software inventory information. HFC Bank will also use Marimba's patch management capabilities to automate the deployment of critical security patches, which will help to significantly reduce the downtime associated with application failures by enabling HFC Bank's IT organization to quickly deploy patches to thousands of connected and remote systems in an automated fashion.

"We selected Marimba's Client Management suite after evaluation of a number of competitive solutions and reviewing industry reports from leading research and advisory firms," said Sajid Rashid, client server consultant for HFC Bank.

Rashid continued, "Marimba's overall software management solution is a real breakthrough for us. For the first time ever, we will be able to manage our software environment, which includes more than 200 UK high street branches. Marimba is able to overcome our low bandwidth problems with its byte-level differencing, compression, bandwidth throttling, and checkpoint restart capabilities. We will be able to roll out software updates and security patches and anti-virus updates to our branches overnight. This speed of deployment was another big draw for us."

These additional management capabilities will allow HFC Bank to reduce IT administration and resource costs, while at the same time significantly improve the quality of management information and end-user service.

Adrian Rayner, general manager of Marimba Europe stated, "Our software management solutions are ideally suited to the kind of complex, distributed, low bandwidth environment that exists at HFC Bank. We are confident that we will significantly decrease IT costs and provide a return on investment for HFC Bank, while addressing the change management needs for desktop and mobile users in a complex and distributed environment."

About Marimba
Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA) is a leading provider of products and services for software change and configuration management. Marimba helps organizations worldwide to dynamically manage and protect their IT assets, increase operational efficiency, and reduce IT costs. Marimba is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Visit www.marimba.com for more information.

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