Lantronix Introduces SecureLinx SLK for Remote KVM Management Over IP

3/2/2004 - Lantronix®, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX), announced its new SecureLinxTM SLK Remote KVMTM (keyboard, video, mouse) product line, providing secure, remote administrative configuration and monitoring of servers over an IP (Internet Protocol) network. SecureLinx Remote KVM provides both local and remote access directly to servers, or through a legacy KVM switch over an internal LAN/WAN, secure VPN, the Internet, or dial-in modem. With the addition of this new family of IT management products, Lantronix’ SecureLinx SLK now offers a complete line of secure server and network management products.

The SecureLinx SLK Remote KVM product line enables local or remote management of servers in a variety of environments including Data Centers, Co-Lo facilities, Server Farms, ISPs, NOCs/POPs, ‘Lights Out Facilities’ and environments with multi-site IT departments. “Our new SecureLinx Remote KVM family enhances our well-established console server and KVM products, providing a comprehensive range of secure, remote management solutions for any device or operating system in the IT equipment rack,” said Chris Humphrey, vice president of marketing for Lantronix.

SecureLinx Remote KVM is a self-contained hardware-based solution that does not require any special cabling or proprietary software clients to buy and install. Systems administrators no longer need to physically go to a server location to perform management tasks, or access pre-boot functions such as BIOS-level settings.“Our remote KVM products can be managed using a standard Web browser or through VNC,”said Humphrey. “SecureLinx Remote KVM seamlessly supports multiple operating systems, including WindowsTM, providing remote access from virtually any computer in the world, at any time.”

Marc Nussbaum, president and chief executive officer of Lantronix, also commented, “The biggest challenge for system administrators is consolidating and centralizing management of all network assets to simplify management, lower costs, and reduce unplanned downtime. Downtime can cost companies more than $10,000 per hour in lost productivity and sales, and Remote KVM saves them money by providing a much faster way to resolve IT problems and ensure the highest levels of service.”

All SecureLinx Remote KVM products are shipped with a comprehensive set of security features, including built-in local 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for keyboard and mouse, and unique configurable breach prevention features such as port scanning avoidance and programmable shut down after a series of login failures.

The SecureLinx Remote KVM switches come in the 1-port (model # SLK1 ), 8-port (model # SLK8) and 16-port (model # SLK16) variations. For more information about the SecureLinx product line, visit the company’s Web site at or contact Lantronix at 800-526-8764.

About Lantronix, Inc
Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) is a provider of hardware and software solutions ranging from systems that allow users to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment to technologies that network-enable devices and appliances. Lantronix was established in 1989, and its worldwide headquarters are in Irvine, Calif. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at

SecureLinx and Remote KVM are trademarks and Lantronix is a registered trademark of Lantronix, Inc.

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