I-Logix Ports Rhapsody to MontaVista and Red Hat Linux Platforms

3/1/2004 - I-Logix, a leading provider of system design and software development solutions, announced availability of Rhapsody® on Linux host platforms as well as Linux-based target devices. For the first time, Linux software engineers will benefit from the ease-of-use associated with using the standard UMLTM-based notation for Model-Driven Development (MDD), while quickly and efficiently leveraging MontaVista® Linux® as an embedded operating system, and RED HAT® as a Linux host platform, reducing development costs and overall time-to-market.

In partnership with MontaVista Software, I-Logix’ Rhapsody has been validated for MontaVista Linux, the leading embedded operating system. The Rhapsody MDD environment provides embedded software engineers with the ability to develop their software applications using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). With this integration with MontaVista Linux, engineers can analyze their design by animating the model, focusing on the software architecture and behavior while debugging the code running on the target microprocessor. This unique capability dramatically boosts development engineers’ productivity and application reliability.

"We are thrilled to be working with I-Logix – two market leaders bringing the power of UML-based Model-Driven Development to embedded Linux," said Sheila Baker, Vice President, Marketing MontaVista Software. "Rhapsody and MontaVista Linux together offer the benefits of Linux and UML, enabling developers of consumer electronics, industrial automation and telecom products to rapidly develop their applications while reducing their overall life cycle costs."

On the host platform side, I-Logix will add the RED HAT Enterprise Linux Operating System to the hosts supported by Rhapsody. In response to the numerous embedded developers utilizing Linux as a low cost, high performance workstation alternative, Rhapsody’s availability on RED HAT will extend its reach to the rapidly growing Linux-based market opportunity. Rhapsody for RED HAT will be available Q2 of 2004.

"Linux is one of the fastest growing Operating System for the telecom, consumer electronics and industrial automation markets, providing a low cost, high quality alternative for embedded applications. As these markets grow, Linux developers demand the same easy-to-use UML development environments for their embedded applications as other embedded developers, and I-Logix is answering their call," said Neeraj Chandra, I-Logix Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development. "Rhapsody provides an open, flexible and productivity enhancing solution. Linux developers can now work in a complete host to target Linux environment which in turn reduces development costs and time-to-market."

Rhapsody is a UML-based MDD environment designed to meet the challenges of embedded software development. It allows embedded software engineers to analyze, design, implement, and test UML-based applications graphically. Production-quality code is automatically generated as the design evolves and graphical animation allows design diagrams on the development host to be debugged before testing the software on the target. This capability enables reuse at the design level and compresses the overall development cycle. Rhapsody has an open architecture that enables interfacing to leading requirements traceability, configuration management, and testing tools.

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