XEMICS Eases Compliancy with Efficient TrueRF

3/1/2004 - Leveraging ASIC IP which has focussed on providing absolutely minimum solution cost, XEMICS is proud to unveil this technology to the world: "Welcome to TrueRFTM!"

"TrueRFTM products are easy to design-in and eliminate costly external components" commented Robert Whittaker, manager of the Wireless Business Unit at XEMICS.

Amongst the improvements offered by TrueRFTM are full FCC/ETSI compliancy without a SAW filter, additional register settings offering enhanced operation modes, and unconditional stability even at 15dBm power output. No SAW filter also means improved transmitter efficiency, as no power is lost through absorption to the SAW filter.

XEMICS brings TrueRFTM benefits to two ISM-band transceivers: the new XE1202A and the XE1203. Recognizing the needs of existing customers, the XE1202A is a drop-in replacement for the XE1202, requiring only minor component adjustments to take advantage of the exciting new benefits. The new XE1203 requires no complex redesign to deploy either - its major differences compared to the narrow-band XE1202A are the higher maximum data rate of 152.3 kbit/s and FCC DTS compliance (no hopping code is required).

The XE1202A is currently sampling, whilst the TrueRFTM version of the XE1203 is already available in production quantities. XEMICS will be demonstrating products at the Wireless Systems Design Conference and Expo at the San Diego Convention Centre from the eighth to the tenth of March, stand 113.

TrueRFTM is a XEMICS Trademark

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