Infineon Selects OSE Epsilon RTOS for E-Gold Cellular Phone Chipset

2/25/2004 - Enea Embedded Technology, a leading provider of embedded software solutions and services for the telecommunications market, announced that the OSE Epsilon real-time operating system will be used in Infineon Technologiesí E-Gold platform. Infineonís highly integrated GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service) baseband chip serves as the foundation for the development of wireless communications applications, such as data-enabled mobile phones. The compact OSE Epsilon Kernel is well suited for embedded systems that require a small code size and fast real-time response behavior. With its E-Gold technology, Infineon targets and supplies the worldwide market for mobile handset manufacturers.

OSE Epsilon is a fast, compact, pre-emptive real-time operating system designed for high performance in limited-resource environments. Written completely in Assembler, OSE Epsilon requires as little as 4 Kbytes of memory, and features integrated error handling, a context switch speed of 300 nanoseconds, and an interrupt latency of one microsecond. The OSE Epsilon kernel offers network support, including TCP/IP, a web-server and Internet utilities.

OSE Epsilon is available in combination with the E-Gold chip set as part of Infineonís platform software. Enea Embedded Technology offers development licenses for system integrators that want to implement the chip set into their cell phones and need to modify the platform software. In such cases, all production license agreements are made through Infineon.

Infineonís GOLD Family
As early as 1993, Infineon introduced the GOLD (GSM Onechip Logic Device) baseband processor as the worldís first GSM chip set for wireless communication applications. In January 2000, the company announced E-GOLD+, the fifth generation of the successful GOLD family. E-GOLD+ is based on Infineonís advanced mixed signal technology. It integrates all analog and digital baseband functions as well as the microcontroller SRAM on a silicon chip. Since then more than 100 million of these baseband controller versions have been sold. The latest version, E-GOLDlite, integrates the basebandís digital and mixed signal portions based on a 0.13-mm process. E-GOLDlite meets the GSM and GPRS marketís increased demand for the large market segment of low-cost, data-enabled cell phones. It supports modern multimedia services, such as mobile commerce and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) over GPRS. Beyond that, it offers the option of implementing an MP3-decoder for audio (music) playback over the telephone.

About Enea Embedded Technology
Enea Embedded Technology is a leading provider of real-time operating systems, development tools and services for fault-tolerant, high-availability and safety-critical applications. Enea Embedded Technology owns and markets the OSE real-time operating system. OSE is used in millions of products worldwide, including distributed communication systems like communication infrastructure or mobile phones, avionics, medical, automotive and industrial control systems. Enea Embedded Technology is a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA), based in Stockholm, Sweden. Employing nearly 600 people worldwide, Enea Data provides products, services, and training for a variety of real-time embedded, IT and e-business applications. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony and Boeing.

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