Industry Reveals MSA Specs for Small Pluggable DWDM Transceivers

2/24/2004 - Agilent Technologies, Finisar, JDS Uniphase, TriQuint Optoelectronics and Tyco Electronics announced a new multi-source agreement (MSA) for small form-factor 2.5 Gigabit-per-second (Gb/s) pluggable dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) fiber-optic transceivers.

The DWDM small form-factor pluggable (SFP) MSA specification allows network equipment manufacturers to build applications with one platform that addresses multiple markets, including metro DWDM, multiple service operators, and storage area networks. Transceivers developed using this new specification will permit service providers to use cooled wavelength-specific optics in one SFP package to serve multiple markets. Until now SFP fiber optic transceivers have been used only in network equipment client-side applications. With the new MSA, SFP transceivers can also be used for line-side applications. The coverage of multiple markets and applications with a single transceiver-form-factor enables service providers to realize economies of scale and reduced costs.

The DWDM SFP MSA specifies the extension of the existing SFP fiber optic transceiver module and cage system to accommodate the use of cooled optics. Transceivers based on this MSA will use a cooled transceiver design that is mechanically interchangeable with the original cage and connector system used by existing uncooled SFP transceivers, allowing backward compatibility. It also specifies a transceiver and cage design that allows DWDM applications with more demanding thermal requirements. This new cage is also compatible with uncooled SFP transceivers.

"DWDM SFP is an exciting step forward in the world of pluggable optics, allowing optical systems manufacturers and service providers a greater degree of flexibility in system designs, and ultimately lower CAPEX and OPEX," said V. Swaminathan, Technology Strategy Director at TriQuint Optoelectronics and Chair of the MSA. “We believe pluggable optics will be the standard for all optical interfaces, replacing traditional optical component-based circuit packs, ultimately for all speeds and reaches.”

The DWDM SFP MSA group welcomes application for membership from both module manufacturers and sponsoring members. For more information on joining the MSA and detailed technical specifications visit:

About Pluggable DWDM Transceivers
Network service providers use DWDM transceivers to send multiple channels of data, voice or video through a single fiber optic connection. Pluggable transceivers can be plugged in as needed at any wavelength, reducing initial capital investment, inventory costs and providing more network configuration options. Using products designed to meet the DWDM SFP MSA will assure service providers of industry standard-quality network components.

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