XEMICS Unveils All-in-One Bluetooth Qualified Data Solution

2/24/2004 - XEMICS' announces the BluetoothTM qualification and production start of its EasyBlueTM ACL Drop-In board, which significantly reduces the customers' time to market as it bridges directly from a 4 wire UART to the air interface.

The XEMICS EasyBlueTM ACL Drop-In board is a BluetoothTM qualified, class 2 reference design, to be used as a drop-in solution for all kinds of power sensitive BluetoothTM data links. It completely bridges the Host Controller Interface (HCI) to the air interface and provides the full BluetoothTM data communication feature set; ranging from high speed communication over 7 slaves to scatter net support. The maximum power consumption of typically 21mA @ 1.8V makes it the ideal solution for any portable application requiring high speed data communication, full networking capabilities and ultra low-power consumption at the same time. Due to the BluetoothTM product listing and qualification of the complete radio, antenna and all embedded BluetoothTM layers, the design can be used as is.

"Our EasyBlueTM ACL Drop-In board design, which is using a ROM version of the lower BluetoothTM protocol stack, is another key milestone for XEMICS' clients. It can be used as a true "BluetoothTM drop-in solution", said Remy Pache, XEMICS' Vice President Marketing. "This product does remove design risks and costs by offering a proven system solution, especially for first time BluetoothTM developers or mid volume projects."

The EasyBlueTM ACL Drop-In board is designed for low cost volume manufacturing using a standard 4-layer PCB layout and materials. Samples are available through XEMICS. Several 3rd parties offer the product in volume as well as additional design-in support if required. For first time BluetoothTM developers, EasyBlueTM development tools and a starter kit exist as well. Free gerber files are available from XEMICS on demand.

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