Sybase and Diogenes Secure, Assured Transaction Delivery

2/23/2004 - Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, announced it has entered into a global sales agreement with Diogenes, Inc., a software infrastructure provider for building mission-critical transaction delivery network (TDN) applications, to securely and reliably process transactions over the Internet and private networks. Under the terms of the agreement, Sybase is able to resell the Diogenes Suite directly to its customers in conjunction with its own products. With the Diogenes Suite, a solution comprised of programs that package, encrypt, and deliver transaction data, organizations get secure software provisioning to automate the distribution, installation and updating of all software required for connecting to tens, hundreds, or thousands of partners, making the deployment process secure, manageable and cost-effective.

Advanced security ensures that messages and interactions between TDN application components are authorized, authenticated and encrypted, whether components are interacting over a private network or the Internet.

According to Gartner, “TDN software enables enterprises to securely connect to their trading communities and partners, sometimes using specialized B2B standards and protocols, providing enterprise quality service not available with basic transport mechanisms, such as HTTP and SMTP. ” In addition, remote management and monitoring provides a single point of control and view of the entire distributed TDN application, including local and remote components for ease of management.

“Sybase’s best-of-class infrastructure products enable integration of data and business processes throughout the enterprise,” said Kevin O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer of Diogenes. “With the addition of Diogenes Suite, that integration capability can be rapidly extended to trading partners using the Internet, without requiring partners to install, configure, and maintain complex software. Diogenes Suite will help Sybase customers deliver integration to all of their trading partners and remote offices, even the smallest organizations without IT departments.”

Customers wanting to implement large-scale enterprise application integration across multiple remote offices, departments, or LANs, can use Diogenes Suite in conjunction with Sybase’s Business Process Integration Suite for Healthcare, and Integration Orchestrator, to rapidly and cost-effectively connect to trading partners online. As application integration servers such as Sybase Integration Orchestrator require a guaranteed delivery transport product in order to connect to such applications, Diogenes Suite is available for purchase with Integration Orchestrator. In addition, Diogenes Suite is available with a number of Sybase enterprise products to provide the following capabilities:

Pricing for the Diogenes Suite starts at $100,000 for unlimited deployment of client connectivity software to remote user locations, and is available immediately. For information regarding Diogenes Suite, please visit:

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