Wasabi Rolls Out Certified NetBSD for Intel XScale Processors

2/23/2004 - Wasabi Systems Inc., the leading provider of embedded development tools and services for BSD, announced the availability of Wasabi CertifiedTM NetBSD for Intel® XScaleTM Technology microprocessors. The operating system, available on a per-seat licensing basis from Wasabi, includes performance optimizations for embedded applications and Wasabi's enhanced version of the GNU Toolchain, used extensively in the embedded world to build both OS-driven and bare-metal applications.

Wasabi Certified NetBSD is the only commercially-available, GPL-free Unix-like operating system with professional certification and support. All Wasabi Certified NetBSD packages are thoroughly tested, certified, and documented at Wasabi's performance and testing facility. Wasabi's standard test procedure includes building the source code in accordance with the same instructions provided to users, installation of the binary image on the reference platform, exhaustive testing of all of the functions provided by the reference platform/software package according to generally accepted benchmarks and methodology, and verification of BSP documentation. With its industry-leading networking functionality and unparalleled platform support, Certified NetBSD is a leading operating system choice for advanced storage devices and embedded systems.

"Wasabi Certified NetBSD is designed to bring together the world's most powerful and portable open source operating system with the security of corporate certification, validation and ongoing support," said Frank G. Logan, III, CEO of Wasabi. "We are pleased to work with our partners at Intel to bring this technology to XScale Technology microprocessors."

In addition to performance testing and certification, Wasabi Certified NetBSD also includes an enhanced version of the GCC toolchain, which greatly improves the runtime performance of code when benchmarked on Intel® XScale Technology microprocessors. Wasabi Certified NetBSD also contains proprietary extensions created by Wasabi Systems engineered especially for embedded, networked storage, and server appliance uses, including support for wear leveling flash devices, a micro webserver to aid OEM's in the development of web-based user interfaces for remote system configuration and management, and compatibility with WasabiRAIDTM and Wasabi Journaling File SystemTM, which are licensed separately by Wasabi.

The performance-power profile of XScale Technology based processors makes them ideal for various embedded market segments including storage, networking, and personal connectivity. Because of its collaborations with Intel, Wasabi is uniquely positioned to provide world-class products and services for Intel XScale Technology microprocessors. Wasabi Certified NetBSD is available for Intel IXDP425, Intel IQ80321, Intel DBPXA255 platforms.

About Wasabi Systems
Wasabi Systems Inc. (www.wasabisystems.com) provides a variety of products and services to embedded OEMs including GNU toolchain services, Wasabi CertifiedTM NetBSD, Wasabi WorkbenchTM, and Wasabi StorageBuilderTM. Founded in 2000, Wasabi's investors include Himalaya Capital, Intel Capital, and Newlight Associates.

Intel and XScale are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation and its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Wasabi is a registered trademark of Wasabi Systems Inc.

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