Tao and Criterion Drive Integration by Expanding Mobile Partnership

2/20/2004 - Criterion Software®, the world’s leading provider of middleware technology for the game development industry, and Tao Group, makers of intent®, the leading multimedia platform for home and mobile devices, announce an expansion of their mobile alliance. Criterion’s RenderWare Mobile initiative will drive the integration of Hybrid’s OpenGL ES framework, including support for M3G (JSR 184), onto the intent platform, for use on mobile and consumer electronic devices.

The framework, engineered by Hybrid Graphics, the world’s leading embedded graphics specialists, will support high-performance intent-based 3D content and further enhance intent’s already recognised strengths in performance and flexibility as a cross-device content delivery platform.

intent is a binary portable, language-independent, high-performance multimedia platform that is now used by many of the world's leading OEMs and mobile handset makers, such as Sony, Philips, and Sierra Wireless. intent is independent of operating systems, hardware and programming languages and so allows content developers to focus on creativity and manufacturers and operators to focus on quick and nimble delivery, regardless of underlining technology. Ultimately the consumer benefits from the availability of a rich, engaging, multimedia experience on their mobile devices.

"Extending our partnership with Criterion through the RenderWare Mobile initiative underlines our mutual aims of delivering the very best JavaTM and native 3D content to mobile devices. For manufacturers and network operators the breadth of this combined offering allows for significant device and service differentiation to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the mobile content consumers," comments Francis Charig, Chairman of Tao Group. "When coupled with Hybrid Graphics’ high-performance solutions, the whole mobile content value chain will benefit from the reduced time to market and high-quality afforded by Hybrid’s embedded graphics framework."

"intent is unique in providing a high-performance environment for deployment of native and Java content," says Lincoln Wallen, VP RenderWare Mobile, Criterion, "intent maximizes the value of 3D standards like OpenGL ES and JSR 184 and their inclusion will further reinforce intent’s position as the favoured content platform for cross-device deployment by operators and device manufacturers alike. Developing and delivering quality content across mobile devices will become a significantly easier process, and the quality and performance of the Hybrid OpenGL ES framework will ensure that devices deliver maximum value to the consumer."

About Criterion Software/RenderWare
Criterion Software is the world-leading provider of middleware solutions for the game development industry. Founded in 1993, Criterion Software is a rapidly expanding organization that today employs over 200 people in its software technology and game development divisions, and has offices in Austin, Guildford, Derby, Paris and Tokyo. Criterion Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon Inc.

RenderWare is Criterion's portfolio of game development solutions, which includes RenderWare Platform and RenderWare Studio for PlayStation® 2, XboxTM, NINTENDO GAMECUBETM and PC.

RenderWare is used extensively among the game development community, including heavyweights such as EA, Konami, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) Sony Online, Midway, Sammy Studios, Namco, Ubisoft, Atari, VUG and THQ. Games published using RenderWare include some of the industry’s hottest properties including Grand Theft Auto: – Vice City, Mortal Kombat 5 – Deadly Alliance, Pro Evolution Soccer 2 and Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

RenderWare Mobile - The RenderWare Mobile Initiative aims to assist the mobile industry in the preparation of devices and services for premium game content by helping to place mobile devices in the mainstream of game development. This involves promoting high-quality multi-media foundations such as embedded implementations of graphics standards like M3G/JSR 184 and OpenGL ES on top of which higher level game development tools and technologies, such as RenderWare, can be delivered to enable game developers to build compelling content for mobile devices cost-effectively.

For more information about RenderWare please visit http://www.renderware.com.

About Hybrid Graphics Ltd.
Hybrid Graphics, Ltd is a leading developer of graphics technology solutions for mobile devices. Founded in 1994, Hybrid has a decade of experience in developing 3D technology for various platforms. The company has a strategic distribution partnership with Criterion Software, the leading 3D middleware vendor. Hybrid has shipped several embedded 3D graphics solutions that have been deployed in mass-market consumer devices. Among Hybrid's customers and partners are also ATI, Ericsson Mobile Platforms, Fathammer, Futuremark, Intel and Sony Online Entertainment. Hybrid is located in Helsinki, Finland. Please visit http://www.hybrid.fi for more information.

About Tao Group Ltd.
Tao has developed intent®, a binary portable, language independent, high performance, multimedia platform that is now used by many of the world’s leading OEMs in their client products for home and mobile networks. The technology allows these companies to have a single strategy across all of their platforms, irrespective of operating system, hardware and function. intent is now being used in products including smart mobile appliances and digital television. The Company was founded in 1992, has offices in the United States, Europe and Japan and counts Motorola, Mitsubishi, Sony, NEC, Kyocera, and Sharp among its investors. Tao has a growing and high value, global patent portfolio and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, both for its technologies and for the rate of corporate growth.

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